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Samsons (Book of Judges chapters 13-16)

Samsons is born - his secret

The people of Israel suffered greatly from the Philistines who oppressed them badly. A man named Manoah lived there and his wife was sterile. An angel appeared to her and announced a son who was to redeem the people from the hand of the Philistines. Condition: His hair must never be cut. He should be a devotee of God from the womb. That was the secret of his indomitable strength. The angel also gave her important nutritional advice for pregnancy, no alcohol, nothing unclean.

Samson kills a lion with his bare hand ...

He grows up and falls in love with a young Philistine woman. He only wants to marry her because she "pleases his eye". The parents, initially annoyed, then give in and go courtship with him.

On the way up in the vineyard, his parents had already gone ahead, a young lion appears, roaring loudly and wants to attack him .... Inspired by God's spirit and power, he grabs him with his bare hands and kills him. By the way - because he doesn't even think it's so important to tell his approaching parents. A few days later he wants to marry his bride. On the way he looks after the lion and sees that a swarm of bees has established itself in the carrion. He takes some of the honey and gives it to his parents, but without revealing where he got it from. He then takes this at the feast as an occasion for a riddle and a competition with the Philistine bachelors. "From the eater comes food, from the strong comes sweet" When they are about to lose, they blackmail the bride. The latter, in turn, harasses Samson until he reveals the secret. In the ensuing tantrum, he kills 30 men, steals their festive clothes to redeem the bet and also no longer feels like seeing his bride and goes home.

Confrontations with the Philistines

When he comes back for the wheat harvest and wants to visit his bride again, he finds her married elsewhere by the father. He suggests taking the sister. Samson falls into a wild rage and ...

Then Samson was Israel's leader (called judge) for twenty years.

Samson's moral weakness and irrepressible strength

He once visited a prostitute. His enemies heard about it and lay in wait for him at the city gate. But he went out at midnight, tore off the entire gate and its posts, shouldered it, and carried it up the mountain.

Samson and Delia - Samson's case

Eventually he fell madly in love with Delia. The Philistines pressured Delilah to discover the secret of Samson's strength.

After a few failures, she learned that the secret was his uncut hair, and she betrayed him.

Samson's hair was shorn off, the strength was gone and he was captured and blinded by the Philistines and held as a slave for forced labor.

Samson's revenge and death

After a while (the hair had grown back in the meantime) the Philistines celebrated a great festival of idols. High-spirited and at an early hour they had Samson brought out of his prison and he was supposed to play for them. The whole house and even the roof was full of Philistines and their princes. Samson said to the boy who led him: "Let me feel at the pillars on which the house stands so that I can lean on it." And he prayed to God that he could once again take revenge for his eyes and said, " My soul will die with the Philistines! "

Then he took hold of the two pillars on the right and left and brought the house to collapse. The house fell on the princes and all the people and all died with them.