What makes a book successful for young adults

These are the 15 best books for young adults

  • Have you looked through your Netflix watchlist by now and still have to wait for the next episode of your favorite podcast? How about a good book again?
  • We have selected 15 books that you should have read as young adults - from different genres, so that every taste is represented.
  • And even if you no longer fall into the “young adults” category by definition, you will surely find what you are looking for here!

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In the age of smartphones, tablets and game consoles, fewer and fewer young people are reading books. There are so many stories that are much more interesting than the new Instagram post to the ex. Whether fantasy, thriller, novel, crime novel, non-fiction or biography - take the time to immerse yourself in another world. These books should be read by all young adults!

What is it about?In a dystopian future, North America is divided into twelve districts, which each year have to send a boy and a girl to the so-called "Hunger Games". There they fight each other for life and death until there is only one winner left. Katniss Everdeen, the main character, fights for her life in all three parts and at the same time tries to protect those she loves. She also faces a psychopathic president, killer beasts, betrayal, and a riot. Quite a lot for a 17-year-old.

What is it about? The book tells the story of a girl whose first year of high school couldn't have been worse. Melinda is ignored by her friend and the other classmates and has been considered a sneak since she called the police at a party. What the others don't know: Melinda was sexually abused at that party and the person who did this to her is still going to her school.

What is it about? The story takes place in a single day: shortly after midnight, the death cast calls both Mateo and Rufus to tell them they are going to die today. The two young men don't know each other, but decide to find a new boyfriend on their last day.

What is it about?It's about Zate and Hannah. The novel explains how their relationship fell apart and why Zate is still fighting for them after so many years. It is told how the team 7.7 and some songs were created. You don't know and understand much before you read the book yourself. And that's just as well.

What is it about? Natascha and Daniel get to know each other at a traffic light in New York and spend the whole day together. They talk about life, about their dreams and about whether it is love between them. But unfortunately Natascha is only twelve hours before her deportation when she meets Daniel.

What is it about?Nick is tired of his office job, so he decides to leave his job, friends and securities behind and go on a world tour. The planned year suddenly turns into six and Nick into a different person. He travels through over 70 countries and is arrested, robbed and shot on the way. He tries his hand at being a journalist, smuggler and stripper and just lives the day. He recorded his adventures as photos and stories in this book.

What is it about? The story takes place in the year after 9/11 and is about Shirin, a 16-year-old Muslim girl who is tired of the negative reactions to her religion. She decides not to trust anyone anymore. But then she gets to know Ocean.

What is it about?Mysterious parcels are passed around at a school, the contents of which are only known to those who have received them. Nick, the main character, really wants to know what the parcels are, especially since everyone who has come into contact with them has changed. Among other things, his best friend Colin. At some point Nick gets hold of one of the parcels and plunges into a world that he can no longer let go.

What is it about? Fans of “The Hunger Games” or “The Maid's Report” will love this book: In Garner Country, young women are banned for the duration of their 16 years of age. They are released in the woods with the aim that they can return so pure and marriageable. But they never all come back.

What is it about? When Pierrot's parents die, his aunt takes him into the German household, where she works as a maid. However, this is no ordinary house, deen Pierrot's aunt works in the Berghof - Adolf Hitler's summer residence. The boy is quickly taken over by the charismatic leader and is ready to do anything to prove his loyalty to him.

What is it about?16-year-old Starr lives in a neighborhood where mostly black people live. However, she and her brothers go to school in a mainly “white neighborhood”. That alone causes identity problems for the young people, but when a friend of hers is shot dead by the police for absolutely no reason, Starr finally no longer knows what to do. An internal struggle ensues that causes her problems with family and friends. And she's not the only one who can't cope with the death of her boyfriend ...

What is it about? At the age of just 17, Charlotte lost more than most people in their entire life. This taught her how to put the pain aside. But at some point Charlotte decides that it is time to fight. (Warning: the book covers topics like self-harm and addiction.)

What is it about?Milan Kundera wrote the novel in 1984 when he was living in exile in France. It is about the Prague surgeon Tomas and his partner Teresa. The two had a relationship during the Cold War that suffered from the fact that Tomas was constantly having affairs. The two flee to Switzerland. Teresa is not happy there and wants to go back to Czechoslovakia. Various relationship problems followed and the two of them also clashed with the government.

What is it about? Charlie is 16, his junior year of high school, and apparently has the same problems as most teenagers. But Charlie writes letters to an unknown "friend" showing that he has a special view of his surroundings.

What is it about?Five high school students have been sentenced to detention: Bronwyn the Smarter, Addy the Beautiful, Nate the Drug Dealer, Cooper the baseball star, and Simon, the one with the infamous Gossip app. The latter collapses and dies in the hospital. The police are investigating the murder and the other four detainees come under suspicion because they all have something to hide.

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