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Quick lunch - ready in 30 minutes!


Quick lunch - anything but fast food

Sometimes it just has to be quick: If you have a short lunch break but you are really hungry, we recommend one of our recipe ideas for a quick lunch. Instead of grabbing fast food, it's time to cook your own food! Not only is it healthier, it is also easy on the wallet with inexpensive dishes.


Quick lunch for the office

All dishes that are easy to transport and easy to prepare are suitable for a quick lunch in the office. Light wraps or hearty sandwiches give you quick energy at lunchtime without weighing you down and with our filling salads, hunger is satisfied in no time for the second half of the day. Tip: Take the dressing with you in an extra screw-top jar and add it to the salad just before lunch. Many pasta dishes are also ready in no time and taste both warm and cold.


Quick lunch with potatoes

Potatoes can be cut into as small pieces as possible for a quick lunch, then they cook faster. If you do not peel, take smaller potatoes and cook them with the skin on. It goes even faster with already boiled potatoes from the day before, which are quickly roasted in the pan to make fried potatoes.

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Vegetarian delicious!

If you want to eat vegetarian at lunchtime, you can make a quick soup, prepare a colorful pan of vegetables or eat a plate of pasta. You can find more inspiration for a quick vegetarian lunch in our vegetarian recipe ideas for every day.


Quick pasta for lunch

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