Can PayPal be anonymous

Money transactions via PayPal: can you do it anonymously?

Users can send and request money via PayPal. But this is not possible anonymously.

With PayPal, customers can not only pay conveniently in online shops. For some time now, the service has also offered the option of sending money to other people or requesting it from them. To use the function, you need an email address and a PayPal account. Roland B. used the function while on vacation in Asia. When he went to buy a souvenir, he didn't have enough cash with him. The accommodating dealer on site gave him the goods anyway and demanded the remaining amount via PayPal.

Anonymous payment with PayPal

With enough cash, the purchase would have remained anonymous, but this way the retailer not only found out the customer's email address, but also their full name. PayPal shows the data together with the amount and the transaction number in the customer account under "Activities". This annoys Roland B .: "Actually it should work with PayPal in such a way that the recipient first has to accept the request for payment and only then does the sender see the real name or no name at all," he wrote to COMPUTER BILD. Other customers are also wondering why sending and receiving money is not anonymous with PayPal, after all, small amounts are usually transferred using the online payment service.