Vitamin D deficiency causes hair loss

Hair loss stopped! My hair grows back

As a child, I had nice, thick hair. I remember long braids that were admired by some. However, over time, my hair became thinner and thinner. When I was about 16 years old, my hair loss was very severe. I went to the doctor and had a check-up. Unfortunately, the doctor couldn't find anything concrete. However, he has given me a preparation that he recommends to his patients for diffuse hair loss. I have been taking the product for a few months and my hair loss has actually improved a little. I was able to notice a change in my nails more clearly. They were extremely brittle before ingestion, after which they became a lot firmer.

Even so, my hair was getting thinner every year. I was worried, but to calm me down, I pretended it was normal. After all, you don't get any younger and hair structure just changes over time. But so early? I noticed that my hair became much finer overall. Falling out wasn't the problem at all, but the thickness of the hair. They were just less thick, which you could see under the magnifying glass.

Hair loss and vitamin D deficiency

I now have one suspicion. This is my personal guess and not a scientific study. I am not a doctor either and this is not medical advice. Since I've been taking vitamin D regularly (along with K2), my hair is doing so much better. My vitamin D level was probably really low for many years. Because when I look back, year after year I spent less and less in the sun. I even developed a sun allergy over the years and developed a rash immediately after being in the sun for 5 to 10 minutes. No wonder my body was unable to produce enough vitamin D. When I started to study vitamin D intensively, I was shocked at how little I knew about the need and how severe my deficiency was. By taking vitamin D3 (along with vitamin K2) regularly, I was finally able to raise my level. Please talk to your doctor or alternative practitioner if you want to use dietary supplements. It is important to know whether you have a deficiency and how severe it is in order to be able to adjust the required dose individually. By the way, my sun allergy is gone! I no longer get a rash.

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Hair loss will be less

A while ago I suddenly noticed that I hardly had any hair in the hairbrush. Sure I'm losing hair, but the amount has been reduced so much! My guesswork and my gut feeling tell me that this has something to do with vitamin D. When I want to braid my hair, I can now see that it is significantly thicker on the head than on the tips. Lots of new hair grows back. They are not yet as long as my entire hair length, but I can already feel and see them. There is a lot of baby hair everywhere!

Could it be that my hair is thicker and not so fine anymore? Was it really because of my vitamin D deficiency? As soon as I find an expert on this topic, I will ask him in a separate interview. My research has shown that a vitamin D deficiency can lead to hair loss and this fact is still relatively unknown.

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Article by Lisa Albrecht published on February 8, 2019.