What can you learn from your life

Learning to live - How we can manage to enjoy life more

Learn to live. It probably sounds strange at first. What I mean
in order to? You just live, you don't have to learn that, do you? Oh but. And that's exactly where the point lies. We often live our lives in front of us, according to certain structures, certain guidelines and certain rules. But we have forgotten how to live properly and celebrate life. Life feels alive, free and joyful. Is this how your life feels Do you feel the joy of life? Don't you often feel overwhelmed by all the duties, life questions and tasks? Don't we forget to really live far too often?

The be-all and end-all: the right work-life balance

Even if your work fulfills you and you enjoy it: You want to
surely not forget your own life to fulfill someone else's lifelong dream, right? Do your best at work, be motivated and worth your money, but: Learn to switch off. After work is the end of work. Overtime should be the exception rather than the rule. Find the balance. We are often tired and exhausted in the evening. Allowing yourself to rest is okay and important. But do you really only want to live for your duties? Get yourself up to do something for yourself a few times a week in the evenings. You will see, the day will feel longer and better. Because you have not only done something for others, but also for yourself.

Learning to live - your goals in life

Set yourself a goal in life. It doesn't have to be anything big, valuable and
you don't have to tell anyone about this goal either. But don't you have something in life that fulfills you? Something that you really want to try. Something that you want to achieve No matter what it is, don't lose sight of this goal because it drives you. Learn to live your dreams and your life. When we don't have a goal, we tend to live through the day and not pay enough attention to the things that are important to us. Each of us needs a goal, something that drives us.

Don't save for sometime, live now

I think it is clear to all of us that we should save and for our old age
MUST take precautions. After all, nobody wants to be needy in old age. That's how it should be. But there are people who save too much and put off their dreams for later. Later, although neither of us knows whether we will experience this "later". Therefore: save, yes, but not at the expense of our quality of life.

Live in the here and now

This point also has something to do with it Mindfulness to do. Be mindful of the moment we are. Be mindful of our needs and the people who are facing us in this moment. Those who live in the here and now experience many things and feelings much more consciously and intensely.

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We have to allow ourselves to laugh, be happy, cry and dream again. Feelings that are part of life. There is no right or wrong. A path is only wrong if we no longer feel ourselves. Listen to yourself: what do you actually want? What makes you happy, what makes you sad? And then change something exactly at these points. That sounds easier now, of course, so it is. Clearly. And all of this is a, sometimes really long, process, but it's worth it. You only have this one life. Close it YOUR Life.


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