Where did you go to college

Translation of "gone to college" in Dutch

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Holly and I are together went to college.
I suppose you do went to college are.
At least not since Billy went to college is ...
And I think I'm even because of you went to college.
You mean you are went to college, would things have turned out differently?
Think more than ever gestudeerd had het anders gelopen zou zijn met hair?
And where are you went to college?
You are went to college and...
En jij had het te druk met je studies.
Sam stopped and is went to college.
I'm not went to college, to learn.
Ik ben not here come om te studeren.
You never are went to college, to no elite university.
You know, last night made me think about what's next and I'm never because of baseball went to college.
If I had thought of my future sooner, I would be your age went to college, we would live differently now.
As ik de mijne eerder had used, as ik ook was gaan studeren toen ik zo oud was as jij, zouden we niet leven zoals we nu leven.
You're in Los Angeles went to college?
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