Who listens to podcasts and why

Which target groups listen to podcasts?

More than every second person under the age of 50 listens to podcasts. This is the result of a Yougov study that examined the listening behavior of podcast users in the United States. According to this, 43 percent of all US adults devote themselves to podcasts. The study recommends companies to have podcasts on their screen as an advertising medium - nowhere would the audience listen to the content with more concentration and more actively. In addition, podcasts contribute to the topic of content building and bind the listeners to the respective brand.

The study concludes that most podcast users hear the format when they are at home. Work in the household dominates the activities carried out in parallel.

But sports activities are also often accompanied by podcasts, as the study found. Very few people turn on their favorite podcast at work or while eating or shopping. The same goes for waiting - probably because the interruption is approaching too quickly.

The study also found that listening habits did not change significantly during the corona crisis - while radio consumption, for example, fell significantly due to the significantly more restricted driving in this area.