Why is digital marketing advertising important

Guerrilla Marketing: Getting noticed in the advertising age

Good guerrilla marketing thrives on unusual placement and special visualization of a creative concept idea. Guerrilla advertising acts as a originally designed eye-catcher or unexpected disruptive element in public places, on internet platforms or in social networks - precisely where people are directly confronted with content. Consumers and users should be so surprised or entertained that they inevitably look twice and then tell their surroundings about it.

This is particularly noticeable on the Internet: In social networks, blogs and online magazines, extraordinary advertising campaigns are published in Texts, pictures or videos reviewed, shared, liked and discussed. Viral marketing in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is becoming an important component for the implementation and worldwide distribution of guerrilla advertising. Promotions have to be interesting enough that they can be shared and disseminated through as many digital and social channels as possible. The unbeatable advantage of viral guerrilla advertising is that it can be communicated via social multipliers without any additional incentive can spread by itself. As a result, the Internet users themselves ensure the advertising effect among themselves.

This type of word-of-mouth propaganda on the Internet ensures that the respective advertising remains in the collective “digital” memory and can theoretically generate millions of views and fans there even years later. This also has an impact on SEO measures: More traffic and reach for company websites, more sales online and more links to companies, products and offers. This is how guerrilla marketing also works in multimedia as an elementary component of content marketing.

Popular means of guerrilla marketing include internet videos, artistic installations, productions such as flash mobs or eye-catching outdoor advertising - often with the active involvement of the consumers themselves. The most humorous, entertaining, controversial or dramatic presentation possible with a unique character is the sustainable recipe for success. The dissemination on the Internet via news, social networks, blogs and video portals also stirs up the "experience" of the marketing measure, regardless of whether it takes place digitally or in the physical space - it is important that the advertising is a unique, sustainable and shareable experience i