How many people speak English in Cambodia

Language in Cambodia

The languages ​​of the Southeast Asian region will probably remain a mystery to Europeans forever. The same is true of the language in Cambodia, and it too will probably never reveal its secrets.

About 95% of the population speak Khmer, the official language of Cambodia. Almost magical characters characterize the language. The grammar is based on the simple stringing together of words. Therefore there are no difficulties in terms of grammar. It gets complicated with the pronunciation. Experts always advise having the locals speak the words to you. Because unfortunately there are hardly any possibilities in the European language structure to reproduce the language in Cambodia, i.e. the Khmer in phonetic transcription. In addition to Khmer, the languages ​​in Cambodia are also Chinese and Vietnamese, which, however, are only spoken by minorities. There is also a large number of different dialects.

English for tourists

Regardless of whether you discover the beauties of the country with a tour group or make your way through Cambodia on your own, you don't have to worry about anything linguistically. Especially in the tourist regions, the younger generation speaks quite understandable English. In Cambodia, people are now dependent on using the English language, because tourism is and will remain the most important branch of the economy. You can only maintain and expand this by being able to approach different peoples through language.
Since Cambodia was once a French colony, some of the old Cambodians even speak French. In the meantime, however, English has overtaken French.
In order to be able to get in contact with the locals, a few words in the Cambodian language, namely Khmer, are recommended. The most common words, such as please, thank you and hello, are practically learned on their own when you are there.
A look in a travel guide can help, because these important phrases are often included here. As in other countries, it is of course very much appreciated in Cambodia if you can say thank you in the local language.

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