Which countries have the most good looking people?

International beauty rankingThe most beautiful people live in these countries

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Often that is certainly the case.

But when it comes to the question of which nationalities are most attractive, they seem to agree.

At least according to a recent survey by the travel search engine Momondo, for which people from 15 countries were asked about their international ideals of beauty.

The result: The dark-haired, tanned southerners turn the heads of the majority of those surveyed. The most attractive people live in Italy and Spain.

► For the Germans are the Spaniards the most beautiful people in the world. 24 percent of German men and women find this nationality the most attractive. They share second place Italian with the Germans (22 percent each). In third place, however, is a Nordic type: the Sweden (17 percent).

Good news for German women: They are very popular with their male compatriots. 27 percent of German men think their own girls are the hottest!

Sorry, men, you're not so popular with the opposite sex: Only 17 percent of German women find German men the most attractive.

Italians and Spaniards are well received by everyone

The classy southerners have done it to survey participants from numerous countries. Not only the Germans give the Italians top marks, Portuguese (39 percent), Spaniards (32 percent) and Turks have also fallen for their charm. Conversely, the Spaniards received encouragement from the Italians (35 percent), Danes and British (21 percent each).

Many like their own compatriots best

The respondents apparently do not lack national pride: eleven of the 15 nationalities surveyed, and thus the majority, think their own compatriots are the most beautiful. This also applies to the already popular Italians and Spaniards. But Swedes, Danes, Norwegians, French, Portuguese, Russians, Turks, British and US-Americans also find that the most attractive people live in their homeland.

... Norwegians:

Men: 8% Women: 6% Total: 8%

... Danes:

Men: 8% Women: 6% Total: 7%

… Sweden:

Men: 21% Women: 12% Total: 77%

... Finns:

Men: 4% Women: 4% Total: 4%

... British:

Men: 3% Women: 4% Total: 3%

... Dutch:

Men: 10% Women: 6% Total: 8%

… French people:

Men: 12% Women: 9% Total: 11%

... Italians:

Men: 21% Women: 23% Total: 22%

... Spaniards:

Men: 23% Women: 24% Total: 24%

... Germans:

Men: 27% Women: 17% Total: 22%

... Russians:

Men: 6% Women: 3% Total: 4%

… American:

Men: 10% Women: 11% Total: 10%

... Chinese:

Men: 2% Women: 1% Total: 1%

... Turks:

Men: 8% Women: 7% Total: 7%

... Portuguese:

Men: 4% Women: 7% Total: 5%

... Japanese:

Men: 4% Women: 2% Total: 3%

... Brazilians:

Men: 10% Women: 8% Total: 9%

... Thai people:

Men: 9% Women: 3% Total: 8%

Of course there are also countries that are not quite as popular. The Russians, for example, consistently get less than ten percent - except from the Turks (23 percent). It is similar with the Finns, Chinese and Portuguese.

The Chinese are into Germans

And who thinks we Germans are beautiful - apart from ourselves (22 percent)? Big surprise: the Chinese (17 percent)! But also the Dutch (13 percent), Turks and Finns (ten percent each) love us!

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