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Gaming chair test 2021 - the gaming chairs in comparison

What rather than unusual trend began has long since established itself as an almost “necessary” addition to any gaming setup and can be seen in almost every stream with a suitable webcam. In our gaming chair test we will not only bring you closer to the currently most popular gaming chairs and make recommendations, but we will also reveal in detail which criteria you are based on before the purchase should actually pay attention. Finally, in addition to a long service life and an ergonomic structure, there are other categories that should have an influence on your choice.

Modern gaming chairs are visually very different from the “classic” office chair, as they have one much higher backrest and an unusual “racing look”. The color scheme is also much broader here and even unusual color combinations can often be used on request and request. There are also armrests for an even more comfortable sitting position and in some models they can even be integrated cup holder Find.

We are now dealing in detail with the following gaming chair test ten particularly popular models and reveal exactly where the strengths and weaknesses of these gaming chairs lie. Below you will also find useful information that will hopefully protect you from making a bad investment your next purchase.

In the gaming chair test - the best models under 200 €

Gaming chair # 1 - Oversteel Ultimet


Source: shop page

The racing look of the Oversteel Ultimet already indicates that this gaming chair is strongly oriented towards the conventions of today. There are also two optional pillows included in the scope of delivery, which can provide additional support for the head, neck and loin. As a cover, the artificial leather not only ensures an appealing leather look, but is also particularly easy to clean, which is particularly practical on hot summer days. In terms of color, you can also choose between the colors blue, gray, purple and black.


  • rotatable 2D armrests
  • foldable backrest (up to 180 °)
  • suitable for tall people (1.90cm and more)
  • favorable purchase price
  • optional support cushions for ergonomic sitting

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Gaming chair # 2 - KLIM K300


Source: shop page

Even if the KLIM K300 differs greatly from the well-known racing optics of the competition and is strongly based on classic office chairs, the company, which was founded in 2015, has already established itself in the gaming scene (especially in the USA) with its models. This model scores in our gaming chair test above all with its particularly high ergonomics and high durability. The back should be noticeably relieved, especially when it is used for many hours every day.


  • strong lumbar support
  • high-quality materials
  • simple and elegant design
  • guaranteed longevity
  • adjustable backrest

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Gaming chair # 3 - Dowinx Type 89


Source: shop page

This model also relies on an appealing racing look, but above all wants to stand out from the models of the competition with a precise seating position. Thanks to the multifunctional tilting mechanism, you have the option of freely choosing the backrest from 90 ° (upright) to 170 ° (almost horizontal). In addition, a well thought-out and alloyed frame and high-quality PA leather ensure stable and, above all, comfortable sitting. Also unusual: the pillow in the lumbar region can be connected to a power connection via USB cable and then offers an additional function as a massage device.


  • particularly stable gas lifts for stable seating
  • durable XL PU caster wheels
  • Massager included
  • stable metal frame also for heavy people
  • with integrated footrest

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Gaming Chair # 4 - Furgle Gaming Chair


Source: shop page

The seat, which is available in six different color combinations, scores in our gaming chair test not only with its attractive design, but above all with its particularly good workmanship. The PA leather has a pleasant feel, the stable frame with aluminum alloy ensures a high level of seating security and the adjustable backrest offers a wide range of potential seating positions. Even the upholstered armrests can be adjusted in height and can thus improve the sitting position again.


  • adjustable backrest - 90 ° to 180 °
  • six different color combinations
  • particularly stable thickening pad on the frame
  • high quality PU wheels
  • also suitable for larger body sizes (190+ cm)

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Gaming Chair # 5 - GTPlayer Gaming Chair


Source: shop page

The GTPlayer Gaming Chair is also presented in a modern racing look in a high-quality PU leather garment. In terms of color, you can choose between the colors black, blue, gray and red, whereby the primer remains black in any case. In addition, there is a steel frame that supports even heavy gamers without any problems and ensures a stable seat. In addition, the backrest can be adjusted back up to 150 °, which enables an individual sitting posture.


  • pneumatic technology for increased safety
  • Backrest adjustable from 90 ° to 150 °
  • adjustable armrests
  • including head and lumbar pillows
  • practical rocker function

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The most popular premium models in the gaming chair test

Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair

Gaming chair # 6 - Robas Lund DX Racer 5


Source: shop page

Perhaps the best-known manufacturer of gaming chairs is DX Racer, who is particularly active on Twitch with its worldwide sales. The company “Robas Lund” only acts as an additional distributor in Germany, so that the models are still 100% real DX Racer chairs. The DX Racer 5 is a particularly popular model, as it is considered one of the original gaming chairs from 2013. Even today, it scores with an ergonomic shape, additional cushions for the neck and lumbar area and even a TÜV test for the height-adjustable gas lift.


  • Backrest adjustable up to 135 °
  • offers additional rocking function
  • including height-adjustable armrests
  • Nylon 5 turnstile
  • breathable polyester

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Gaming chair # 7 - KLIM Esports gaming chair


Source: shop page

Even if we already mentioned a KLIM chair in the gaming chair test for inexpensive models, we have to point out the special “Esports” variant. In contrast to the cheaper office chair, this is also kept in the classic racing look and offers even better ergonomics. In terms of color, you can choose between five color combinations (red, pink, blue, black, white). In addition, the manufacturer promises a particularly long service life.


  • reinforced steel frame
  • also suitable for tall people (190+ cm)
  • Backrest can be tilted up to 160 °
  • particularly stable stand
  • attractive design

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Gaming Chair # 8 - Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair


Source: shop page

Behind the manufacturer “Noblechairs” is the Berlin company Caseking, which has been a large online shop for many years. The in-house brand sells gaming chairs that are primarily intended to impress with their high quality and particularly ergonomic shape. However, the model we are presenting also scores with its cold foam upholstery, which is particularly breathable and thus increases durability and ease of use. The 4D armrests and the rocker mechanism round off the positive overall picture even more.


  • including lumbar and neck pillows
  • Hybrid cover made of vinyl and polyurethane
  • height-adjustable gas pressure spring
  • five swivel castors (60 mm)
  • available in twelve color variants

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Gaming chair # 9 - RESPAWN 200


Source: shop page

The RESPAWN 200 gaming chair is available in five different color combinations and was specially developed for long-term, daily use. It scores with a high level of ergonomics, which is not least improved by the neck and lumbar pillows. The tubular steel frame, which guarantees a stable hold, is also practical. The appealing design is rounded off by the modern racing look and 4D armrests.


  • Backrest can be tilted between 90 ° and 130 °
  • height adjustable
  • additionally reinforced mesh back
  • Headrest can be adjusted separately
  • low dead weight

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Gaming chair # 10 - Backforce One


Source: shop page

The most expensive model in our gaming chair test is primarily characterized by a particularly high quality in the choice of materials and also scores with high-quality workmanship. Above all, the dual core seat should be emphasized, which consists of two foam components and can therefore adapt particularly well to different body shapes. The German company is so convinced of its own product that it comes with a ten-year guarantee.


  • Integrated LED light with 20 hours of battery life
  • Alcantara imitation for pleasant seating comfort
  • Armrests can simply be folded away
  • various patches can be attached to the chair
  • optional customization possible

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Gaming chairs purchase advice - the most important criteria at a glance

Out purely optical view Most of the seats do not only differ from each other in our gaming chair test, so that it is often difficult for the untrained eye to determine any differences at all. But the proverbial devil is also here, as is so often the case in detail: Different materials, technologies and ergonomic achievements not only influence the price, but ultimately also the comfort of use and thus customer satisfaction.

We have summarized the most important criteria for you and in the following paragraphs we will tell you exactly what you are already doing before the purchase of a gaming chair can tell whether the gaming chair meets your requirements or whether you should rather use another model.

Note ergonomic properties

The term “ergonomics” hides the optimization of performance possibilities in relation to one's own physical limits - or to put it simply: If you achieve an optimal sitting position with the help of the office or gaming chair, you will be able to function longer and more efficiently in it. So if you several hours a day sitting in a gaming chair, you should pay attention to some important functions so that you do not Back painor other problems have to complain about. These include:

  • adjustable armrests
  • additional headrest
  • optional lumbar pillow
  • Adjustable and lockable backrest
  • Seat height can be adjusted

Ultimately, the many worry different setting options and comfort functions in the gaming chair ensure that the human body automatically adopts a positive, healthy sitting posture. However, since body size, weight and even body proportions are different, you should think carefully beforehand which additional settings may be useful for you. For example, users who are above or below average should make sure that the seat height is adjustable and enough seating space is offered.

Particularly important: the materials used

Especially with daily use, the gaming chair should not only have ergonomic properties, but also use materials that correspond to the respective conditions. A steel frame makes sense, for example, if your own weight is above average. Who, however sweats profusely, he should not only pay attention to a breathable structure, but rather use artificial leather or real leather - these materials can be used easier than cotton or other fabrics clean.

But in other areas, too, attention should be paid to the options available to the materials: some providers rely on simple plastic for the armrests, while others even add additional upholstery, which increases comfort. The wheels should too according to the intended use be chosen: Soft castors are practical on hard floors and do not leave any unsightly abrasion behind, while harder castors are irreplaceable on carpets.

Hard or soft - which upholstery would you like?

A component often neglected by buyers is the upholstery of the gaming chair. As a rule, this sits directly on the construction made of steel tubes or on a wooden plate and consists of PU cold foam or sometimes cut foam. The different types of upholstery are usually with the density (kg / m³)specified, with soft versions having a density of approximately 20 to 40 kg / m³. Medium-hard variants can be found in the range of 40 to 70 kg / m³, while manufacturers from 70 kg / m³ speak of hard padding.

Which upholstery makes the most sense for you personally depends on the one hand of your weight because cushions that are too soft are not useful for heavier users, while models that are too hard can be uncomfortable for lighter users. But also personal preference plays a crucial role, so you may want to try out different upholstery models in advance in the furniture store of your choice in order to get an idea of ​​the optimal density. Because in the end only your own experience helps.

Not to be underestimated: the optical component

The main difference between high-quality gaming chairs and high-quality office chairs is often only in the look. Ultimately, the different models can also differ from one another in terms of color, size, design and basic shape, so that you are sure to find exactly the version that fits your personal ambience and that we also describe in more detail in our gaming chair test.

Depending on how important the optical component is to you, you can definitely find manufacturers who offer a high degree of customization (for a surcharge). This includes, for example, attaching your personal logo or even sewing in your initials or the whole name. Here it often helps if you get in touch with the respective manufacturer or dealer before buying in order to discuss special requests in advance.

The maximum load on a gaming chair

The vast majority of gaming chairs are designed to at least a maximum weight of 100 kg can endure. High-quality models can even support up to 120 kg, while the top models rely on a mixture of steel and aluminum and therefore even 150 kg and more offer resilience.

Basically, a higher load capacity always means better safety - even if the maximum weight is not nearly reached. So if you have the space (and the right change) you will get it the more stable versions also often offered the simply better model.

All gaming chair variants at a glance

When thinking of a gaming chair, most of our readers should be the first to think of it classic racing chair think - and not without reason: Whether on Twitch, YouTube or on the platforms of other live streaming providers, content creators rely on the modern design almost everywhere. The reason: a few years ago, manufacturers like DX Racer actively began sponsoring larger streamers. That this marketing strategy has succeeded is now can no longer be dismissed out of hand and we can look forward to many models for our gaming chair test.

But besides the racing chair there is also many more chair variantsthat can be found in front of the desk these days. We picked out the most popular versions.

The modern racing chair


Source: DX Racer 1 Amazon Shop Page

The special racing car look of these gaming chairs in conjunction with the wide wheelbase is strong to the great success of the models contributed. The latter component is not only practical for visual reasons, but also offers greater stability due to the better weight distribution. The distance to the gaming monitor can be chosen thanks to flexible roles, whereby the individual, optimal position can be easily reached when gaming.

At the same time, the models are often offered in a variety of color combinations: from classic black to pink and rose models to unusual color combinations with emblems and initials, everything can be found. So it's no wonder that so many gamers often use the racing chairs.

The classic office chair

A large number of different variants can be found here, from high quality executive chair up to the inexpensive office swivel chair. Of course, it is also worthwhile to have a high level of ergonomics or an elegant look to pay attention to. In the upper price range, office chairs and racing chairs only differ in design.

In the home office in particular, many users tend to use the “office” model, especially when it comes to video conferencing office-friendly impression to leave behind, but at the same time not having to do without any comfort functions when gaming.

The pedestal model for the home

From a purely visual point of view, the podium gaming chairs often offer one Mixture of racing chair and office variant but differ from the other models in one clear detail: Instead of castors, these chairs stand on a single pedestal. This offers a much higher surface when it comes into contact with the ground and prevents it from tipping over, which Safety while in use elevated.

At the same time, these models score with a high level of flexibility: They not only maximize their usefulness in front of the desk, but can also function as a TV armchair in the living room next to the sofa or in the children's and youth rooms. Thanks to the wide seat and a tilt function, they offer a high level of seating comfort and can be used both while sitting and lying down.

Modern gaming in a beanbag

While a few decades ago a beanbag was only used as a nice addition in the room Today's models can offer so much more: ergonomic shapes, additional compartments for drinks, snacks or other utensils and high-quality materials are standard, especially in the higher price range.

While these models are designed for use right at your desk rather not to be recommended are, they are ideal for gaming on the console: Placed directly in front of the television, these flexible models can not only score points, but can also be stowed away in a corner or in the cupboard without any problems after use.

Our insider tip: the rocker


Source: X Rocker V2 Amazon Shop Page

Modern rockers are visually reminiscent of a mixture of beanbag and racing chairthat the base has been removed. These models are also unsuitable for use at the desk, but just like the beanbag, they score points when used directly in front of the TV, which is why we did not go into further detail in our gaming chair test.

The advantage to many bean bags is that the rocker is frequent with many practical technical features was equipped: vibrations for a higher immersity can be found as well as LED lights, Bluetooth connections and USB connections for charging the gaming headsets or wireless gamepads.

Cover picture Source: Mockup, Mockpup