When do you feel sad 1

What really helps you when you're sad

When I broke up with my first great love for the first time at the age of 19, I would lay in front of the music system in my parents' living room every day and listen to Herbert Grönemeyer “Airplanes in my stomach” at full power. I don't want to know how much I got on my mom's nerves with this, but it helped me and she let me.

I danced in a safe place for me, choked in tears on this emotional wave. There's no shame in feeling hurt. Because we are all allowed to learn how to deal with the darker side of life.

At some point I was able to realize that I am not that feeling. That I wasn't the disappointed young woman I thought I was for a while.

Because emotions are not who you are, they are exactly what you feel!

If you allow yourself to move through your emotional energy without getting stuck in it and henceforth believing that you are not worth it, will never again find someone you can trust or someone who will love you, then you are no longer the victim of your feelings. Because the only person who can really set you free is yourself.

But for that we always need a second one. Someone to remind us. Who hopes and wishes with us, prays for us and just is with us. Now let me be that person for you and tell you:

I wish you …

that you find the kind of love and happiness that fill you. I hope that you really take the time to find out what moves you. What delights your soul and encourages you. That you find what you deeply and honestly desire in your life. And I wish so much for you that you find the courage to make your way.

I wish you find faith and trust yourself. May you feel in your heart that you are absolutely worthy of love, and may you be able to give yourself this love.

I wish for you that you meet the love that makes you a softer person. That opens your heart and sweeps the fear from your veins. May you realize that it is you who have the choice and that the courage, strength and security develop within you to make this choice. Every day, every hour, minute and second.

I wish that you will find someone who, in their love, will offer you a place in their heart. Because nothing is more beautiful than someone who gives you a home in themselves. May you be that someone for someone else too.

I ask for the voice that calms you down and tells you that you are good enough. That you are ready to accept. For the power of forgiveness. That you can forgive yourself for the mistakes you made and forgive those who caused you pain.

I wish you moments that take your breath away and give you miracles. The kind of moments that change you. Times that make you feel alive There is so much to feel in this world. So much to experience. To be so much.

I hope you feel it all

Even if it is so painful for a small moment. I hope you are alive Really. Full pot. Do not hold back. Abundance is all around you and especially within you. Dare to recognize them.

Above all, I hope that you will find yourself again. That you visit your heart regularly from today onwards. Trust him. Trust you. That you learn how to be kind, gentle, and peaceful with yourself.

Learn to be proud of yourself, even if you are not yet where you want to be. The way may be long. Fall in love with him. Do more things that you're scared of. Stay curious and do crazy things. Also, fuck the so-called things that you do because that's the way it's supposed to be. Be wild.

Do more of the things that bind you together. Go to the forest. Breathe. In your dreams, fly to places that can heal you. Because life is always for you.

I hope you feel it all

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