Is the GTX 1060 6GB out of date

GeForce GTX 1060 Driver Download & Update

In this article, you will learn two step-by-step methods to help you get your NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics driver can easily update.

Two options for updating your GTX 1060 driver:

You can either use your GeForce GTX 1060 graphics driver if needed manually or automatically To update:

  1. Manual update from the NVIDIA website
  2. Automatic updates with Driver Easy

Option 1: Manually update from the NVIDIA website

You can download the latest driver version for GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card from the official NVIDIA download page and then install it on your PC.

How to proceed:

1) Open the NVIDIA download page.

2) From the drop-down lists, select the options that match your graphics card, operating system, and needs, and click SEARCHto view the latest driver version.

  • Product type: Geforce
  • Product series: GeForce 10 Series
  • Product family: GeForce GTX 1060
  • Operating system: your Windows edition and you System type
    (On your keyboard, press the Windows key + the Pause key at the same time to see this information.)
  • Download type: Game Ready Driver or Studio driver
  • Language: German

3) Click on DOWNLOAD NOW.

4) Click again to confirm DOWNLOAD NOWto start the download.

5) Wait a moment for the download to complete.

6) Double click Click on the downloaded installation file and follow the instructions on the screen to install the new graphics driver on your PC.

Option 2: Automatic update with Driver Easy

Downloading and installing the latest driver from the device manufacturer's official website is the most straightforward way. But if you find it difficult to deal with device drivers, or if you just don't have the time, we would recommend that you bring your drivers with you Driver Easy update automatically.

Driver Easy is a handy tool that automatically detects, downloads and (if you have the PRO version have) can install.

You can update your drivers with either theFREE- or PER- Update the version of Driver Easy. But with thePRO version do everything with youjust 2 clicks (and you get full support as a 30 day money back guarantee).

With the Driver Easy PRO Not only can you update your NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 driver, but also all of the device drivers you need for gaming and everyday computer use at once.

1) Download and install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and click Scan now. Driver Easy will thoroughly scan your computer and find any problematic device drivers.

3) If you have the FREE version Using Driver Easy, click Update Next NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 to download the latest driver version. Then you have to install the new driver manually.

Do you already have Driver Easy on the PRO version upgraded, just click Refresh allto automatically update any outdated or faulty device drivers.

4) Restart your PC for the update to take effect.

Why is the driver update required?

Drivers are software components that enable the devices to communicate with the operating system. As well as the system and devices, the drivers must also be updated to meet the new requirements.

If the updated operating system tries to communicate with the devices, but the outdated or faulty drivers cannot deliver the commands, problems arise. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you update your device drivers regularly.

Hopefully this article has helped you. Please write your thoughts in the comments section below and share your experience with us!

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