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Absolutely dominant: End of Microsoft Mixer only used Twitch

Twitch remains the absolutely dominant platform in the streaming business. Even after the end of Microsoft Mixer, the competition from Facebook and YouTube could not succeed in wresting decisive shares from the industry leader.

The end of Mixer came with a big surge for Twitch

Where did streamers and viewers move after Microsoft Mixer ended? This question can be answered very clearly according to the current analysis by the Streamlabs branch. Despite major campaigns from Facebook and YouTube, the market share that has been freed up is almost invariably absorbed by Twitch. "After the shutdown of Mixer, the majority of streamers seem to have moved to Twitch," so the résumé. Twitch now has 91.1% of the market share of the hours streamed worldwide, an increase of 14.5 percent compared to last quarter. Infographic: Streamlabs Q3 Live Streaming Industry Report This massive increase fits in pretty well with Mixer's numbers. The Microsoft service was able to unite 14.2% of all live streamed content before the closure in the last quarter. For the competition, on the other hand, the figures develop rather bleakly in the last quarter: Facebook Gaming has a market share of 3.4 percent for all content - an increase of 1 percent in a quarterly comparison. For YouTube Gaming, with a market share of 5.5 percent in this area, things are even down 1.2 percentage points.
Even with the canals ...... it's only going up for Twitch

Unbelievably many new channels

Another point where Twitch continues to dominate the other platforms: the number of channels. While Facebook has around 267,000 channels and around 912,880 streamers are at home on YouTube, Amazon's streaming platform has 10.5 million channels. This is particularly impressive with regard to the numbers from the beginning of the year: In Q1 the number was still 6.1 million, here the corona lockdowns around the world are likely to have contributed to the rapid rise.

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