Who needs estate planning

Why go to a notary for estate planning?

Save money with the notary
For a handwritten will you don't have to spend any money. If you are lucky, it is legally correct and the estate will then (hopefully) not be "processed" by the relatives.
Nevertheless, the testator regularly saves money if he has his estate planning designed and certified by the notary.
After all, this procedure makes a certificate of inheritance (which is otherwise expensive to apply for) superfluous in most cases.

A notary or a specialist lawyer in inheritance law?
Specialized lawyers can also provide competent advice on estate planning. However, unlike the notary, they cannot relieve the testator of the (often extensive) paperwork associated with a "watertight" will. costs also only apply to the notary for the deed. It also does not increase the need for special advice and design.
In order to make the advantages of a notarial will affordable for everyone, the cost of it is well below what a lawyer can charge for mere advice.

Estate planning - "top priority"!
In order to find out what the testator really wants, questions must be asked. And the right ones. Comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the inheritance law options is essential for this. Including their respective risks and side effects.
The conversation with the client is therefore always "matter for the boss“- After all, the nurse does not operate on an open heart either.