How many Indians still listen to the radio


Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey has resigned. The background to this is the discussion about the withdrawal of her doctoral thesis. She is sticking to the SPD's top candidacy in the Berlin parliamentary elections in September. []

To the article on EM squad: Löw takes Müller and Hummels with him

In his EM squad, national coach Joachim Löw relies on the veterans Thomas Müller and Mats Hummels. Surprisingly, Kevin Volland from AS Monaco and Christian Günter from SC Freiburg are also in the squad. [more on]

To the article Survey on finance: The majority of Germans do not suffer financially from the pandemic

Despite short-time work and lockdown, the majority of Germans have no less in their wallets than before due to the corona pandemic - some even more. However, there is also a clearly uneven distribution of the loads. [more]

By Lars Hofmann

To the article Education funding program of the state government: "A school year dedicated to compensation and catching up"

According to estimates by the state government, around a quarter of students in Hessen need support due to the "Corona school year". In order to catch up on the learning gap, the state has now set up a funding program worth millions. The schools should be able to make individual offers to the children and young people. [more]

From Sandra Müller

To the article Gemstones from the laboratory: The diamond for a clearer conscience

Not only are diamonds expensive, but they are often made under ethically questionable conditions. If you don't want to do without the sparkling status symbols, you can fall back on the synthetic version. We explain how it differs from natural diamonds. [more]

By Davide Di Dio

To the article Tijen Onaran: "Founders, jump into the cold water, it gets warm when you swim!"

Tijen Onaran is an entrepreneur and networker. We have far too few female founders in Germany, she says. Self-employment could mean great independence for women. Onaran advises companies on diversity and digitization and has set itself the goal of making the digital scene more feminine. [more]

To the article Worth knowing: What diversity means in companies

More and more companies are striving for diversity. But what exactly does that mean? And what - also financial - advantages can it bring? An overview. [more]

By Johan Gallwitz

To the article Pros and Cons: Should children's rights be included in the Basic Law?

The Union and the SPD have agreed in the coalition agreement to include children's rights in the Basic Law. To do this, however, they need a two-thirds majority in the Bundestag and Bundesrat. It is questionable whether they will get this. But what speaks for and what against children's rights in the constitution? [more]

By Anne Baier and Christoph Käppeler

To the article Lorenz Wagner (author SZ-Magazin) about his life in the multigenerational house: "You live happier, healthier and have a lot to laugh about"

The youngest is four, the oldest is 95: Lorenz Wagner lives with four generations under one roof. According to researchers, this is a model of the future that the author of SZ-Magazin has dealt intensively with. We talked to him about moments of happiness, miracle molecules and the magic formula for healthy aging. [more]

By Mariela Milkowa

To the article Corona Pandemic: The Miracle of Haiti

Between the permanent political crisis, corruption and violence, there is positive news in Haiti: The Caribbean country has largely been spared the corona pandemic, officially there were only 13,000 Covid cases. That could also be due to the living conditions in the country, say scientists. [more]

By Anne Demmer

To the article Indictment in the "Hansa Market" case: When the police take over a Darknet marketplace

Cyber ​​criminals are anonymous on the Internet and encrypt their data. At the Hansa Market darknet marketplace, the police managed to track them down. An exclusive hr-iNFO research provides an insight into the unusual investigations. [more]

From Henning Steiner