What types of windows are they

Overview of window types

There is no one type of window for every living situation and every taste. First of all, a distinction is made with regard to the place of use in the house. Is it aSkylight or a basement window, is the window on the ground floor or on one of the upper floors? Depending on the situation, your choice will be a different type of window.

Two different types of windows are used in the attic. Standing skylights, like Dormer window, and horizontal windows that follow the shape of the roof of the house. Dormer windows not only enlarge the space, they also have the advantage that simple wall windows can be combined with one Turn-tilt mechanism of the window sash let use. However, if there is no dormer available, this type of window will be an expensive undertaking. It is then cheaper to install a horizontal window in the roof, which is also called a roof window. These windows can be swung open along a horizontal axis, hence the namePivot window or top-hung windows. Part of the window then protrudes outwards, the other half inwards. This way, pivot windows save space and ensure a good exchange of air. Note that the heat protection plays an important role, as the incidence of light makes it easier for rooms to heat up.

On the ground floor and the upper floors there is a type of window for every taste: floor-to-ceiling windows and panorama panes as well as large glass surfaces let in a lot of light. Louvre windows, box windows and Lattice windows give the building a special character. In the case of muntin windows, real and fake muntins can be distinguished. Real muntins divide the glass into several panes, while fake muntin windows create this effect optically with decorative strips. As a rule, all of these window types are turn-and-tilt windows, the sashes of which can be opened completely - to the left or right - or tilted.

But there are also alternatives: That Sliding window or sliding elements are the window candidates of choice when space is to be saved. This type of window is pushed aside using a rail system. This is a variant of the sliding window Folding window, in which individual elements are folded into each other. Both folding and sliding windows give the building a modern touch. Simple windows with a click-turn function of the sash are ideal in the basement. This makes it particularly easy to ventilate basement rooms.