What's the coolest thing you've ever done


Sundried asked Reddit user, "What's the best triathlon you've ever done and why?" Here are their answers! Did you do one of these?

"Ironman Wisconsin.

The atmosphere there is simpleunreal. It was my first mass swim start. 3,000 people in the water at once, quite an experience. When you get out of the water, you run up a spiral-shaped parking garage that is only lined with people cheering you on on the way to T1.

On the bike there is a certain hill in the middle of nowhere, on which there are only swarms of people. You know how on Tour de France climbs, where people line the street, two centimeters from the bikers who are yelling at and cheering them on? It is exactly like that. I had never had such an experience in my life. People in disguise, characters everywhere, just crazy.

The run through town was just as busy. Especially in the city center. People just line the streets. It's like the whole day is just one big city party. All the spectators, volunteers, etc. are just so great there, it's fantastic. "

"Two come to mind.

New Jersey State Triathlon (West Windsor, NJ): My very first, and all of it (I think) is fun. The swimming course is easy and well marked. The bike path is fast and not overly demanding and does not repeat itself, all on local roads, so often locals cheer from their veranda. The running track is paved and the parts are well shaded and well supported with many rest areas. All in a beautiful county park and surrounding communities. CGI, the organizers of the race, are also very knowledgeable!

Patriots Triathlon (Williamsburg, VA): Just a really fun race. Swimming is okay, but biking and running are scenic and really fun. The run is half paved / half driven on. Well supported too. "

"IN Lake Placid 70.3.

Swimming in such a small lake is always calm. The bike path has a breathtaking landscape and is not too difficult despite its hilly landscape. The LP races always have a large audience / audience participation with people lining the streets across the city through which the cycling and running course runs. It's just an energy unmatched and a great place to go on a trip for a few days.

Lake George (NY) Olympics / Half over Labor Day weekend. This was my first Olympics a few years ago. It's off the beach in the middle of the small town. Another quiet swim with a hilly bike ride and running in the lower Adirondacks. It has that same small town vibe and volunteer support, and your hotel will likely be walking (or bike) from the start of the race. Again a fun city to spend a few days. Lots to do on and around the lake, hiking etc. The year I did there was actually a beer festival right next to the crossing :) "

"The Coeur d'Alene Triathlon.

This Oly distance gem is great. It's in the same location as IM CDA, so you can get the full downtown atmosphere for $ 75. Same swimming area, T1 / 2 are the same and the bike path is better. It runs along the lake and via CDA into the mountains. About 50/50 flat / hill of distance. Great apartments, some real climbs (but nothing enough to bring a racing bike) afastDescent and great scenery. The run goes along the river; It's pretty, but nothing amazing.

Really fun little race that has been overshadowed by IM many times. "

What was the best triathlon you have ever done? Sundried would love to hear! Let us know which race was your favorite and why you have a chance to win a sun dried water bottle!