Why do people scream during sex

9 Real Reasons Women Really Moan During Sex

Moaning is not the same for women! The lustful sigh is its own, complexlanguagethat need to be deciphered. Just think of the difference between your darling's annoyed moaning when you haven't taken the trash down and the surprised moaning when you did! There are many different types of moaning, especially during sex - fem.com will decipher them for youMoaning ABC the women:

1. The fake moaning during sex

Probably the most famous moaning during sex: The desire forsex is so-so, actually she would rather keep watching "Game of Thrones", but last time she faked a migraine, so get on the horse. And since she has nothing against sex with her partner in principle, they moan a bit so that he thinks that she is as much fun as he is. Everything for love goes without saying! So woman moans to make her loved one feel good.

2. The faster-no-not-so-fast groans

That is a moan, that rather educationalPurposes serves. A good pace of sex is rewarded with loud moans, thrusting too fast or too slow with loud silence. Much like the-the-spot-is-perfect-go-on-moan.

3. That-the-spot-is-perfect-carry-on-moan

This sex moan is also used specifically to target the partner subtly lead in the right direction. This loud moaning is a popular method to help him find the clitoris and the right technique, especially with somewhat insecure men who quickly fall into self-doubt when they are directly criticized.

4. The embarrassing-silence-drowning-moaning

The sex is rather cramped and you somehow slip over each other, smile shyly at each other now and then - a horrible scenario! Better to moan a little to make up for it morewhistle woman thinks to herself.

5. The ouch-that-hurt-moan

This suddenpainful moan men should urgently learn to distinguish moans from each other! So the next time she moans during anal sex, it's better to ask briefly whether everything is okay.

6. The other-thought-drowning groan

She goes through the shopping list in her head, plans her outfit for the next brunch and - stop! She's actually having sex, but can't concentrate at all. Better to moan about your ownhead to drown out.

7. That you-do-that-really-really-great-moaning

This is thepraising moan. Also very popular when having sex with slightly insecure men. Before he asks for the eighth time whether that's a good thing, just moan. Then he becomes more confident. According to a study by British researchers Gayle Brewer and Colin Hendrie, women even moan frequently to boost their self-esteem. In the course of their study, 87 percent of the 71 women between 18 and 48 years old said their partner was moaning a give a good feeling and you Build confidence to want.

8. That I-don't-really-feel-like-but-maybe-there-will-be-something-moaning

Here, moaning is more intended for us women than for men. Because actually you just haveDo not feel like, but somehow yes ... So just moan loudly and try to outsmart your own head.

9. The oh-my-god-I'm-coming moan

And in the end there is still good news: Of course there is also the ecstaticorgasm-Moan. And that's 100 percent real. Except of course ... No, no! This is always real and signals that you did a good job! Your partner is satisfied and completely satisfied. If you haven't already reached your climax with her, then you can finally follow suit, without a bad I-come-too-early-conscience.

Editor's summary:

It is always good to know why women moan during sex, because when in doubt, they want to point you in the right direction without starting a fundamental discussion about good sex. The fair sex only has your well-being in mind and doesn't want to hurt you by criticizing you. So don't be offended if the moaning isn't so ecstatic, but rather listen carefully and learn from it!