How is a good romantic relationship

Small gestures, big impact: romantic ideas that keep love alive

Love doesn't need bombast or confetti. It doesn't always have to be incredibly laborious to show the other person your love and affection and to make sure that he feels comfortable and in good hands. Because that's what it's actually about. To feel that you mean a lot to the other and that they enjoy being together.

Anyone who thinks now that he has to court his loved one or his loved one and shower him with gifts is wrong. You can do it, of course, but you don't have to. Often it is enough if you take time for each other. It is more valuable than any Brilli. And time does not have to mean that you think about an exciting date every evening, rather it is the small gestures in everyday life that show your partner that he is loved and valued.

Think about the little moments in everyday life in which you could give your partner a little joy. And the rule here: no matter how small it is - every attention counts.

You can't think of any romantic ideas for it right now? Then let this be your inspiration:

1. Romantic idea: Post-it instead of Whatsapp

Whenever he is not counting on it, it is best to surprise him with a little token: Just stick a post-it with a love message on the bathroom mirror or put it in his jacket pocket. Guaranteed to be much more romantic than an "I'm thinking of you" message via Whatsapp.

2. Romantic idea: Flashback for two

Since you've been a couple for a long time, you will certainly have many memories and photos from the time you went through life together. Indulge in wonderful memories of earlier times. Look at old pictures together, laugh yourselves out at what you looked like back then and enjoy the shared experiences, old friends, long-forgotten parties and bizarre hours.

3. Romantic idea: culinary delights at the kitchen table

Going out for dinner is of course great. But it's much more romantic when you surprise your loved one with a home-cooked 3-course menu. It doesn't have to be extremely complex! You can find inspiration here, for example. And whatever works and should be a success for anyone who doesn't like cooking, are tapas and antipasti. Simply the whole table full of small bowls and bowls, filled with everything that is delicious. With bread, wine and candlelight - done!

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4. Romantic idea: reading aloud instead of telly

Read out? Yes exactly! Instead of sitting next to each other on the couch and in front of the TV evening after evening, you simply choose a book together and take turns reading a few chapters. Just try it out!

5. Romantic idea: send a postcard

Regardless of whether you live together, everyone has their own apartment or you are in a long-distance relationship: Write your loved one a nice postcard and tell them what they mean to you. He'll be amazed when he fishes the postcard from the mailbox! Especially since: Hardly anyone sends more postcards, and they are so beautifully nostalgic.

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6. Romantic idea: spend the night in the hotel around the corner

Have you only stayed in a hotel so far when you have been on vacation in another city or country? That is now being changed! Find a chic, romantic hotel around the corner from you and spend a night there with your loved one. And then breakfast in bed in the morning!

7. Romantic idea: bring breakfast to bed

Speaking of breakfast and bed: Surprise your loved one with a great breakfast at home! Fresh rolls, croissants, fruit, juice, coffee ... Everything that he likes to eat and drink, you serve him while he is slumbering blissfully. Waking up can hardly be more beautiful!

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8. Romantic idea: a night in a tent

Instead of going to the hotel, you can venture into nature and set off with your loved one on a camping trip including an overnight stay in a tent, campfire romance and shooting stars. Like before, only more beautiful!

9. Romantic idea: create a relationship box

The old love letters, photos from your first vacation together, music that connects you ... Put together a relationship box that you take out every now and then to indulge in memories together. Nostalgic, romantic, great!

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10. Romantic idea: go for a walk in the dark and look at the stars

You usually only go for a walk when the sun is shining outside? Understandable. But: Do something different, stroll through a clear night and enjoy the great starry sky!

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