What do women think after sex

The most common thoughts men and women have after sex

Men and women tick very differently in their minds after sex. (Photo by: AndreyPopov / Depositphotos)

Men: What do you think after sex?

After sex, men are one thing above all else: tired. That's why they usually don't think too much anymore. If he turns around and falls asleep immediately, it's not because interest in the partner has died after sex - he's really tired.

There is a solid hormonal background to this. Proctalin is a hormone that is released during orgasm and ensures that men first get tired. It doesn't always happen, but it does in most cases.

Desire to eat

If it doesn't happen that he falls asleep thoughtlessly, then he thinks about food after sex. Men build up a lot of energy during foreplay and sometimes cannot get rid of it completely during sex. These Energy reserves then dismantle them. For example, he feels like having ice cream, pizza, beer ... it all depends on the man. He doesn't mean that, either, and it doesn't mean that food is more important to him than his partner.

Thoughts on lovemaking

Attentive men sometimes ask themselves after sex (between thoughts of sleeping and eating) whether the woman liked it. They go through the scenes that stuck in their minds. Did the woman moan particularly loudly? Or was she quieter than usual?

Was she embarrassed that he couldn't get the bra off right away? When men have such thoughts, they like to be quiet, look at the wall or at it Ceiling... a loving inquiry about what is going through your head can relax the situation again.

Women: what do you think after sex?

Women are often satisfied after sex, but also unsettled at the same time. (Photo by: dundanim / Depositphotos)

Although women are the ones who are most concerned with whether the man suddenly doesn't care about them after sex, they are actually the ones who lose their minds in completely different worlds when they have cuddled in his arms.

Women are often satisfied after sex, but also at the same time unsettled. You wonder if the man liked her body. What would happen if they asked him if he didn't want to stay the night. Why is he turning away now, scurrying to the fridge and getting something to eat instead of staying in bed with her and just lying there quietly.

Did he notice any of her cellulite when he grabbed her bum? Or did he think it was too fat? Did she make strange noises or move strangely?

Confident women These questions also arise, but at the same time ask themselves whether it is okay to take a quick look at the cell phone or whether they should quickly switch on the washing machine.

Plans for the new day, everyday and household issues, the children, getting up early the next morning - women are multitasking talents and think about it again shortly after sex Organizational matters. This is perfectly normal and doesn't mean the sex was bad.

Thoughts of bad sex

You don't wish anyone, but it happens: bad sex. Be it because the feelings for the partner are no longer right. Be it because they hardly know each other, for example at a one-night stand.

After bad sex, men and women have almost the same thoughts: what's the quickest way to get out of this uncomfortable act? Did the other notice that the orgasm was fake?

Would you rather wait until the other person has fallen asleep or put your clothes back on and leave before there can be long conversations? In addition, it can be very dissatisfied if one or both of them did not have an orgasm - men are even more dissatisfied than women.

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