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Titan Gel test, experience, evaluation, buy cheap (2021)

Is there a test report from Stiftung Warentest?

Drugs or other products such as the Titan Gel in the field of potency enhancement have already been carefully examined by the Stiftung Warentest and sometimes rated as negative. The same applies to agents intended to cause penis growth. The reason for these evaluations after the test was that the negatively rated products did not produce the advertised effect.

During our intensive research, we came across some tests and testimonials. However, we could not find any evidence that Titan Gel was tested by Stiftung Warentest. We assume that at this point in time the gel has not yet been tested by the consumer advice center. However, we can imagine that the gel might be evaluated in the future.

Are there any other official tests and studies on the Titan Gel?

Official studies and tests often provide potential users with information about the effects and ingredients of a product. Information on various clinical studies prior to the manufacturer's launch could be found on a sales page. Here it was confirmed that the Titan Gel had undergone several tests before it was launched. Now it is approved for Germany and other countries around the world and can be bought without hesitation.

This is how the Titan Gel is applied

The Titan Gel application is very easy. As the manufacturer recommends, the gel should be precisely dosed about half an hour before sexual intercourse using a pump dispenser, applied very thinly to the penis and gently massaged in. The manufacturer also states that this product is intended for external use only and should always be kept away from children. In addition, it must not be used on open wounds. If skin irritation occurs, the use should be stopped immediately.

Effect and onset of effect

According to the manufacturer, the first effect should already be seen shortly after the first application. Often the users improve, first of all the erections, in duration and hardness. This could be confirmed by our tester. Already in the first week he could feel a Titan Gel effect and had more fun in bed, thanks to increased pleasure and an improved erection. By the second week his penis began to grow in size. However, regular use is essential for optimal Titan Gel effect. According to the manufacturer, this should take place over at least 4 weeks.

Titan Gel ingredients and composition

According to the manufacturer, the composition results from purely natural active ingredients. We took a closer look at the Titan Gel ingredients and explain how they could be beneficial for the user. The product contains the following ingredients:

L-arginine: The blood circulation in the penile tissue is improved by this amino acid. L-arginine has been used successfully as a potency enhancer for several years, as is the case with the Maral Gel. Since amino acids fundamentally improve the vascular system in the human organism, it can of course also influence the way the erectile tissue works.

Tribulus Terrestris: Earth trumpet, or earth star, as it is also called, is said to have an anabolic effect and has therefore been used for years in the athlete scene for strength and muscle growth, it is also said to increase potency and libido, which is why it effectively supports the effect of Titan Gel .

Epidemic: In Chinese herbal medicine, its leaves are used against impotence. When used, the number of sperm cells should increase and the effect as an aphrodisiac should be demonstrated.

Thistle: Thistle is supposed to increase the stamina of the user by normalizing the testosterone level and counteracting a testosterone deficiency in the blood.

Lichen: Or, in other words, lichen, which is intended to improve blood circulation and prevent congestion.

Peruvian Maca: The Peruvian Maca contained in Titan Gel is known for the fact that, with regular use, it can solve potency problems within 7 days. In addition, the sperm quality increases significantly. However, it is advisable to find out the cause of the disorder before starting the intake.

Possible side effects and risks

As we already learned from our test subject during our self-test, he did not get any side effects from the product. According to the manufacturer, Titan Gel side effects are excluded. The reason for this is the purely natural ingredients. We also did not find anything negative in different testimonials from other users.

However, it should be noted that every person reacts differently and the individual ingredients could cause allergies. If you have any doubts regarding the use of the Titan Gel, a doctor should be contacted in order to rule out any intolerance.

Where can I buy the Titan Gel? eBay, dm, pharmacy

In order to be able to buy Titan Gel, the manufacturer's sales page can be called up and the ordering process can be carried out there. A second option is to order via the Baaboo online shop. We also used this shop to receive the preparation for our self-test. We cannot report any problems. The ordering process, payment and delivery went smoothly.

During our research, we were also able to find Titan Gel on the eBay and Amazon market platforms. However, we cannot say with certainty whether these are original products or fakes. Unfortunately, the product is not available in pharmacies or in various drugstore stores, such as Rossmann.

What price is offered?

On the manufacturer's side, the Titan Gel price is EUR 30.00, excluding shipping costs. When we ordered the Titan Gel in the online shop Baaboo, the price was 19.95 euros for 100 ml. The shop constantly offers special savings, for example 2 +1 free. If you place an order for 3 dispensers, you will receive 2 free of charge with your order.

Does the Titan Gel manufacturer offer other products?

In addition to the product we have already presented, the manufacturer also produces Titan Gel Gold. This product has a new, improved active ingredient formula. This improves blood circulation even more. The consequence of this is that increased penis enlargement is possible. The use of gold makes the penis more sensitive, that is, touches are better perceived.

Can I enlarge my penis naturally?

With the use of Titan Gel you can change your own penis in a completely natural way. The growth of the male member could also be positively influenced by a healthy lifestyle, with the right diet, sport and exercise.

Proper nutrition

Through targeted nutrition, combined with the use of Titan Gel, growth can be positively influenced. Examples are oysters, bananas, nuts or spinach.

Sport and exercise

Growth can also be influenced with special sports exercises, such as pelvic floor training or penis exercises. However, the exercises should be done in combination with the Titan Gel in order to achieve the best possible result.

frequently asked Questions

Men often have low self-esteem from finding their penis too small or having difficulty getting an erection. Titan Gel is supposed to eliminate these problems, enlarge the penis and thus increase your self-esteem again. So that all questions that are still open can be excluded, we have summarized the most common questions including answers.