What are some interesting things about Myanmar

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Myanmar is a popular country with German and Austrian tourists because there is a lot to see. There are royal cities, travelers can visit Hpo Win Daung, Mount Popa and Inle Lake. A Myanmar visa is required for this, as German and Austrian travelers are required to have a visa.

But Myanmar also has a downside. The country is also known for bad casinos and poached tigers. For this reason, we recommend avoiding certain things in Myanmar to make the trip as comfortable as possible.

Security Risks in Myanmar

In Myanmar, Chinese culture is mainly found on the borders with China, for example in Mongla or Pangkham. The Chinese customs are easy to recognize there; the yuan is used for payment, the telecommunications provider is from China, and many residents of the border regions speak Mandarin.

Of course, this is unavoidable, but you can also find some Chinese things to avoid in Myanmar. For example, a flourishing trade in protected animals has emerged. Travelers are advised not to engage in this business. The trade in protected animal species is a criminal offense and can lead to years of imprisonment.

Tiger and leopard skins are particularly popular in the border regions with China. They can be found openly in many stores in Myanmar. There is also regular poaching of ivory. Finally, rows of rare protected birds can be seen. It is a criminal offense to buy such birds. They are often hunted illegally.

Avoid casinos

Myanmar has four official casinos. In principle, normal tourists cannot get there because normal citizens and tourists do not have access to state casinos. All other casinos in Myanmar are illegal. There are dozens of these illegal casinos in Myanmar.

These illegal casinos are run by shady parties. The casinos are so dangerous that the authorities do not dare close them. In some areas of Myanmar, the authorities have no power. There big boys go their own way and keep poor people out of their casino. Rich tourists are lured in. There is a lot of drug trafficking and use in these casinos and women offering paid sex. German and Austrian travelers would do well to avoid these places.

Avoid the following regions

In addition, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel advice, traveling in Myanmar is not safe in all regions. It is not advisable to travel to the north of the state of Rakhine. There is a lot of violent tension here between Muslims and Buddhists.

Do not travel to the south of Chin state where violent, armed, ethnic groups are active. Also, don't go to Kachin and Shan. There is ongoing conflict between ethnic groups and the military in these areas. Please note that the German and Austrian embassies cannot help travelers in these areas in an emergency.

Apply for a visa for Myanmar

Of course, there are also many places in Myanmar that have lower security risks and are easy for tourists to visit, such as Bagan, Mandalay and Bago. To travel to the safe regions of Myanmar, you need to apply for a Myanmar visa. The visa can be applied for within a few minutes and costs € 74.95 per person. The visa must be applied for before departure.

This is an electronic travel document, a so-called e-Visa. The electronic visa is a "letter of approval" in which the Myanmar authorities state that the traveler is allowed to enter the country. All costs are already included in the amount.

Urgent application

It is also possible to apply for a Vietnam visa as an urgent application. There is a surcharge for this. As a rule, the visa is not issued within seven days, but within 24 hours.

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