What is banned in Florida

Showering naked - strictly forbidden
by Roman Leuthner

Rated 5 stars

In the jungle of paragraphs of Absurdistan Who has not complained about the local paragraph rage or wished the hell to be the official white man? Probably everyone, but that things can get worse - different countries, different customs - is shown in this book about crazy laws from all over the world. In Florida it is forbidden to shower naked, and in Uzbekistan you are not allowed to play billiards for moral reasons. The reactions in a small talk group to this treasure trove of legal creativity should range from “amusing” to “unbelievable” to “not so stupid at all”. Because after reading this collection of laws that is not dry at all, everyone mutates into an entertaining expert on “laws that the world doesn't need”.

Dr. In this little book, Roman Leuthner presents the craziest laws in the world.
He explains in advance how the laws are created in the New World and what deeper meaning they have. Then you first read crazy laws from the USA.
Men in Miami are forbidden to show themselves in public with a visible erection. What consequences do men draw from this, especially in summer? In New Mexico, women are prohibited from being seen in public with their faces and legs unshaven. We should also introduce this law. All aesthetes will enthusiastically shout "Hurray!"
In Vermont, women are not allowed to wear artificial teeth without written permission from their spouses. You ask yourself why? I can only think of two reasons.
In Alaska, on the other hand, moose are prohibited by law from indulging in sexual love on the city sidewalks. I didn't know until now that moose could read.
The laws in Florida are particularly interesting. Only the missionary position is allowed there during sex. Kissing a woman's breasts or having oral sex with her is strictly prohibited. It is also a crime to take a naked shower. What's the point of taking a shower with clothes on? Would you like to clean your clothes in this way? Two other laws from Florida show that such bans encourage perversity. There it is forbidden to have sex with a porcupine and to sexually harass public garbage cans. Apparently such cases have occurred there.
Masturbation is illegal in North Carolina, and state law in Virginia states that sex is only allowed in the dark. It is a duty that the light be absolutely extinguished. Except for the missionary position, all positions are forbidden.
Does anyone dare to break these last two laws? What is the penalty?
I have not yet figured out the deeper meaning of a law from Pennsylvania, according to which it is strictly forbidden to sit down while you water your lawn with a hose.
In California, women are prohibited from driving in a household apron. What may be the reason?
Maine has a law that prohibits getting off an airplane while it is in flight. Who makes such laws?
In New Jersey, men are banned from knitting during the fishing season. Doesn't it make economic sense to knit a sweater while fishing?
You will also be informed about legal texts from Australia, Canada, Asia and South America.
For example, if a husband in Uruguay catches his wife inflagranti with a lover, he can kill the lover and his unfaithful wife or, alternatively, castrate the lover. An interesting twist on machismo.
One also reads a number of abstruse laws from the ancient world. At this point, I will spare myself going into more detail about German laws, but instead wonder about the Estonians. They are not allowed to play chess during physical love.
One wonders what speaks against it?
So far, I would not have assumed that kissing is forbidden on French trains. This law cannot have been enacted by any French.
In Italy men who wear a skirt in public can be arrested, and in England two men are only allowed to have sex in a house if there are no other people there.
I would never have believed that the law requires free Hungarians to turn off the lights during sex. Probably no one sticks to it.

A very amusing read if you are interested in the abysses and absurdities of human regulation mania.