What would happen if I shot Voldemort?

What would Voldemort have done if he had won?

He would not have been content to simply rule the wizarding world. Voldemort hated his Muggle father and was no doubt resentful of being a half-blood wizard, despite being the heir to Slytherin too. He even went so far as to adopt a new name to cover up the fact that he was related to a Muggle family.

I think the new statue at the Ministry of Magic when Voldemort (secretly) took control gives a pretty clear indication of his thoughts on Muggles and what he would have done with them if he had had the free hand to do so :

Now a gigantic black stone statue dominated the scene. It was pretty scary, this huge sculpture of a witch and a wizard sitting on intricately carved thrones and looking down at the Ministry staff falling from chimneys below them. The words MAGIC IS MIGHT were engraved in foot-high letters at the foot of the statue.


Harry took a closer look and realized that what he had mistaken for decoratively carved thrones were actually mounds of carved people: hundreds and hundreds of naked bodies, men, women and children, all with rather stupid, ugly faces twisted and huddled together to support the weight of the nicely dressed magician.
"Muggle," Hermione whispered, "in their rightful place. Come on, let's get started."

deathly Hallows - Chapter 12, Magic is power


This also means that at some point it would have led to a wizard-versus-muggle war ...


@vsz: And in return the certain loss of his Voldermort. The year 2000 is too late for wizards to win. Unplottable == stands out like a sore thumb when we put the machines on it.