What are some classic Malaysian dishes

Recipes from Malaysia


Typical recipes from Malaysia

The Malaysian cuisine is usually very spicy, the Chinese-influenced cuisine a little milder. Rice and pasta are the staple foods. There is also bread based on Indian models such as naan and roti. Fresh fish and seafood as well as fresh vegetables are also an important part of the Malaysian cuisine. Beef and poultry are the most popular types of meat in Malaysia, with Hindus and Buddhists of course not eating beef and of course the Muslim majority of Malaysia not eating pork.


Fresh fruits also play an important role in Malaysian cuisine, thanks to the tropical climate they grow all year round. These include some fruits that are hardly known to us, such as the durian, which is called the king of fruits in Malaysia. Durian is a fruit the size of a head with a spiked shell that can cause serious injuries.


Typical specialties of the Malaysian cuisine are satay (different types of meat put on wooden skewers and grilled over charcoal, served with peanut sauce), nasi goreng, nasi lemak (typical breakfast with rice, small fish and side dishes), roti chanai (a kind of pancake with curry as a snack between by), sambal (chilli and onion paste) or belacan (crab paste). Another Malaysian specialty is the steamboat, a type of Malaysian fondue in which meat, fish or vegetables are cooked in boiling broth.


Drink: Fruit juices, fresh coconut juices, soy milk, Chinese tea and black tea with milk are drunk. Alcohol is taboo for most of the population for religious reasons.