Why did Malfoy have to kill Dumbledore

Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy (born June 5, 1980) is a pure-blood wizard and the only son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy.

As the son of a Death Eater, Draco, like the rest of his family, strongly believed in the importance of the purity of wizarding blood and despised especially Muggle-borns like Hermione Granger, but also wizards and wizarding families who are either poor or associated with Muggle-borns - for example the Weasleys. Draco made no effort to hide his racist attitudes and was proud of his origins and the fact that he was pureblood. He insulted and provoked both Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley whenever he got the opportunity.

He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1991 to 1998 and was assigned to the House Slytherin, which also corresponded to his personal request. During his Hogwarts years he spent most of his time with Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini, and other Slytherin classmates. At the same time, he quickly developed a strong rivalry with Harry Potter and appeared in the books and films as his opponent at Hogwarts.



Year 1 (1991-1992)

When Draco was visiting Diagon Alley with his mother in the summer of 1991, he happened upon Harry in the shop "Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions". At that time he didn't know who he was looking at. The second meeting of the two was on September 1st on the Hogwarts Express. He offered Harry his friendship (on the recommendation of his father Lucius Malfoy), but Harry declined because Draco made derogatory remarks about Ronald Weasley and his family and because he had insulted Hagrid in Diagon Alley, who was waiting for Harry in front of the shop.

In the Great Hall, Draco was assigned by the Sorting Hat to the Slytherin house during the selection of houses (this also corresponded to his personal wish), in which his parents (Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy) were also at their time at Hogwarts.

Draco used every opportunity to harass Harry and his friends and thus negotiated a trip to the Forbidden Forest himself when he told Harry and Hermione to Minerva McGonagall, who had brought Hagrid's baby dragon Norbert to the astronomy tower one night. Draco was sent into the woods with Harry, Hermione and Neville, who was also out at night to warn Harry about Malfoy, to go on a unicorn hunt with the gamekeeper Hagrid.

Year 2 (1992-1993)

Draco Malfoy became a seeker for his house's Quidditch team after his father bought a Nimbus for everyone on the Slytherin Quidditch team in 2001.

When the first reminder from Slytherin's heir appeared, Draco just laughed and shouted, "Enemies of the heir, be careful!

Draco Malfoy often made fun of Gilderoy Lockhart thinking Harry was selling autograph cards.

Year 3 (1993-1994)

In the first lesson with Hagrid, the hippogriff silkworm injured him because of his disrespectful behavior towards him. The wound wasn't actually deep and was healing quickly, but Draco pretended it was a lot worse to make Hagrid feel guilty. After the accident, he told his father the story.

Lucius Malfoy arranged for Buckbeak to be sentenced to death. Buckbeak never died, however, as Harry, Ron, and Hermione saved him with the help of a time turner.

Year 4 (1994-1995)

He was in charge of the "Potter Stinks" promotion, and after a verbal argument with Harry and a subsequent wand threat from Bartemius Crouch Jr. transformed into a white ferret in the shape of Alastor Moody.

At the Christmas ball he appears accompanied by Pansy Parkinson, because his father wanted it that way.

Year 5 (1996-1997)

In his fifth year at school, he joined the Inquisition Command under the leadership of Dolores Jane Umbrigde and helped disband Dumbledore's army. He and Pansy Parkinson were also named prefects of the Slytherin House.

At the end of the year, his father was caught in the Department of Mysteries after the battle, sentenced and sent to the wizarding prison of Azkaban. Lord Voldemort then entrusted Draco with the task of killing Headmaster Albus Dumbledore in order to punish the Malfoy family for the failure of Draco's father.

Year 6 (1997-1998)

In his sixth year of school, Draco received the order from Voldemort to find a way for the Death Eaters to Hogwarts School and still had the order to kill Dumbledore. If he failed, the dark lord threatened to kill both him and his parents. He spent his time repairing the old Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement and thus actually created a new entrance for the Death Eaters in relation to the Vanishing Cabinet in the Borgin and Burkes store.

However, even after several desperate attempts he did not succeed in killing his headmaster and after he finally lowered his wand after an exchange with Dumbledore, Severus Snape took over at Dumbledore's request, as he did not want Draco to commit a murder, his task. At the request of Lord Voldemort, his aunt Bellatrix Lestrange taught Draco the art of Occlumency, which at the end of his apprenticeship he had mastered excellently.

Next life

After he and his family defected to the other side at the last second before Voldemort's fall, they escaped prison sentence in Azkaban. Since Draco tossed Harry his wand after Harry showed that he hadn't died after all, he still proved his loyalty to the chosen Harry. Harry then later stood up for the Malfoy family in the trial, saving them a sentence in Azkaban Prison.

After the battle, it was up to the so-called Egg Prince of Slytherin to rethink his previous way of life. The values ​​that were drummed into him with regard to purebloods had ultimately turned out to be wrong. Draco managed to push his prejudices aside and from that moment on lived a far more tolerant lifestyle. He then married Astoria Greengrass, the younger sister of his classmate Daphne Greengrass. The two had a son who they named Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. They brought up Scorpius less strictly and conveyed different values ​​to him than those that Draco was given along the way. Astoria, however, died of blood cancer in 2019, before their son started third grade, and so Draco was left alone with his son from then on.

On September 1, 2017, while Draco was escorting his son to the Hogwarts Express for his first year at Hogwarts, Draco greeted Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny with a respectful nod. Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter never became friends, but the two of them had left their animosities.

Draco never took a job (at least not in the right universe in a parallel universe, he was head of magical law enforcement). He still had the wealth of his family, so a job wouldn't have been necessary. In his spare time, however, Draco loved to study ancient manuscripts of alchemy, ex-Death Eaters, and the collection of dark artifacts that belonged to his father.


Draco looked a lot like his father Lucius. He had a pale, pointed face and white-blonde, straight hair and cold gray eyes. In the book he is described as slim and tall - a bit taller than Harry, for example.

In sixth grade, Draco looked thinner than in previous years and had deep shadows under his eyes. In addition, his skin was grayish in color.

The house elf cracher, however, also said that you can see the fine features of his mother Narcissa in Draco's face.



His first name, Draco, is based on the constellation of the same name in the northern sky, which translated from Latin means "dragon", because it is a long tradition in his mother's family to name the descendants after stars or constellations. Draco's mother Narcissa is a rare exception. Draco's son Scorpius was also named after a constellation of stars[3].

The unofficial nickname "The boy who had no choice" was created by fans. This is purely stylistically based on the epithet Harry Potter, which reads: The boy who lived and alludes to the hardships that Draco had to go through during his time as a Death Eater, which caused him a lot psychologically, however were inevitable - unless he would accept his death as well as the death of his parents.

Background of his personality

JKRowling only expresses himself in negative tones about the Slytherin and said that she couldn't understand why Draco was liked by so many female fans, but if you look behind the scenes, you can see that Draco's actions are sometimes very understandable and the 'boy who had no choice' was really denied it.

Since his early childhood, Draco had been taught values ​​by his father, which dealt with the importance of the purity of one's own blood. His father was a loyal Death Eater from the beginning and thus a supporter of Voldemort. After his first sinking on October 31, 1981 in Godric's Hollow, Lucius Malfoy believed that only a wizard who was more powerful than Voldemort had to be able to defeat him. He prophesied to Draco that Harry Potter might become the new, more powerful dark lord and that Draco should befriend him.

But Harry declined the friendship at the crucial moment and so Draco got a new job. He should put Harry in the shade and thus prove that he was better than the Chosen One. So he was bought into the Quidditch team by his father and stationed as a seeker. But even here he failed.

Draco lived under constant pressure throughout his school years and hated Harry Potter because that was how he was taught. He was brought up that way and only tried to meet his father's demands. But he never made it. Outwardly, however, he remained the cold Slytherin and tried to build friendships and put other people down on his name and his wealth. Maybe he did this to see other people suffer and feel a little better about it.

When Voldemort finally returned, Draco was given another assignment. He was supposed to kill Dumbledore and give the Death Eaters a way to Hogwarts School