Why do cookies go flat when baked

Why are my cookies falling flat and not cooking on the floor?

On top of all the excellent advice, the best of which is your dough being too wet, here are a few more things to keep in mind:

Just because the oven button says 350 doesn't mean that's the temperature. Actually, that was my first indication that my oven was broken - my cookies spread too much and didn't brown on the floor. If you haven't already, use an oven thermometer to confirm that it is heating to the correct temperature.

Your cookie sheet will affect the result - I wanted to love my new airbake sheets with their layer of air, but they didn't allow my cookies to get a good bottom crust so I gave them away and went back to my old single layer steel or aluminum pans.

I always make a test batch of a few cookies. Based on your photo, I would have added more flour than doing another test batch.

After all, following a recipe carefully is usually your best bet, especially if you are a beginner. Yes, there are occasional mistakes or bad recipes, but randomly using ingredients outside of the recipe or making changes will be more likely to waste your ingredients (and who wants to throw away expensive and tasty things like chocalate chips?)

Good luck with your baking - the world needs more cookies!

Tom Smilack

It turns out that the baking sheet I am using is insulated. I compared it to another sheet and they cooked a little faster and a little more down when they were on the firm sheet. Many Thanks!

Kristina Lopez

Woop woop! I'm happy to know that my years of experience with cookies have actually helped someone. :-)