Is £ 50,000 good UK salary

Hello Forumers,

I'm new here and spent the last week looking at my new, possibly future, workplace. I work for a German company and then get an English employment contract. My German contract will then be put on hold until I come back.

The position would also be very interesting for me! But now I have the following questions! I hope you can continue helping me there?

1. When I spoke to my Technical Director from England, he said it would be 20% less of my previous salary because the pound is stronger than the euro. I found it quite strange, after all, life there is also more expensive! Is that actually normal?

2. My Technical Director also said that if I get over £ 32,000 a year I would have to pay over 40% tax. According to the Salary Calculator ( it doesn't matter whether I come over or under £ 32,000. The same percentage is always deducted from the salary! Even when I spoke to the English, they said the 40% tax would only be due above 40,000 pounds! I found this on the internet
There is in the last penultimate table the 40% would be due for over £ 31,866.

3, What does a Junior Project Manager earn on average in England?

I do not understand anymore! Who can help me and has experience of living in England, especially Oxford! (I know Oxford is almost as expensive as London)

I would be very happy about experiences, clarifications and information!

Best wishes