What makes people choose a career?

Would you choose your job again?

The decision for a job is often already made at the age of 13 or 14 when the question is: go to school or do an apprenticeship? Some, on the other hand, still don't know what they want to work after they graduate. And still others leave the industry at 40 and start all over again. The decision for or against a career is often not easy. What if you regret it in retrospect?

The opinion research institute Yougov recently asked 3,647 employees in Germany on behalf of the German HDI insurance company how much they support their career choice. As the "Stern" reports, seven out of ten respondents are so satisfied with their job that they would "definitely" or "rather" take it again.

But there are differences between the professions: 82 percent of teachers and trainers would make the decision for the job again. This could be due to the fact that they enjoy their work more than representatives of other professional groups surveyed. And three out of four teachers and trainers say that "the job means a lot to them" - also more than in the other jobs. Employees in the information and communication technology sector are similarly satisfied, and people who work in housekeeping and education as well as in the media, marketing and creative professions belong to the group of those who are satisfied with their job.

At the bottom of the spectrum are employees in medical health professions, in commercial professions and in the security and cleaning trades. The former in particular seem to be unsatisfied with their career choice. Only every second respondent from a health profession would recommend their job to a young person. One reason for this seems to be the working conditions, it says in the article.

Table for the survey "Would you choose your occupation again today?"

Occupational group

Teachers and trainers

Information and communicationtechnology

Housekeeping and education

Media, marketing, artistic professions

Construction, architecture, building technology

Law and administration

Finance, accounting, tax advice

Transport and logistics

Industrial production and manufacturing plants

Tourism, hotel, restaurants

Security and cleaning trades

Commercial Jobs

Medical health professionals

Yes / rather yes

82 percent

81 percent

79 percent

77 percent

73 percent

73 percent

72 percent

72 percent

71 percent

66 percent

64 percent

61 percent

61 percent

What about you: Would you choose your current job again? What is the decisive factor for this? And when would you change your job? (set, 11.12.2019)