Who designed the US coins

This coin shouldn't actually exist: it is by far the most mysterious gold coin in the world. Never before has a piece of gold attracted so much attention. The so-called 1933 Double Eagle has been on auction at Sotheby's for almost $ 7,600,000 sold. Liberty, the goddess of freedom, billows on the front. On the back, a bald eagle flies in front of the rising sun.

In the middle of the Great Depression, the United States passed the gold ban. The state was threatened with bankruptcy because the gold reserves were almost exhausted. Citizens had taken their savings and gold reserves home with them for fear of inflation. The state therefore forced its citizens to exchange their gold for paper money.

This coin dates from exactly this time. These 1933 Double Eagles So they should never have been produced, they should never have come into circulation. Almost all 1933 Double Eagles were melted down four years later.

But some survived: A shrewd employee of the mint grabbed some Double Eagles from. Nobody knows how many there were and where they are today. Only one was ever auctioned. The coin has been issued by the New York Fed since 2002.

The American Secret Service - the law enforcement agency responsible for protecting the president as well as fighting financial crime such as counterfeit money - is said to be behind the remaining copies, because possession of the remaining coins is illegal: they officially belong to the american state.