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The first Volvo V70 is not exactly considered a collector's car. Apart from the sharp R-models, he has the reputation of the staid teacher-coach, many eke out their existence as cheap winter cart. That should have been the example of this blue V70, which is currently for sale in New York on dupontregistry.com. The Swede looks dirty and quite worn out in the advertisement photos. Then the called one suspects price like a bad joke at: $ 20 million! This corresponds to the converted around 16,772,700 euros. The amount called is aimed less at the car itself than at its unique license plate from. The V70 is basically on top of it.

Number plates in the family for 40 years

The seller didn't bother to wash the photos. Or maybe that's a statement.

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It is on the number plates of the Volvo "NEW YORK"to read. In the USA, license plates can be personalized to a certain extent. The Volvo signs are from from the late 1970s,when the state first allowed customized vanity plates. Back then, the signs were ordered by the seller's father and have remained in the family ever since. According to DuPontRegistry, the seller did not realize how valuable the signs were. That seems a bit implausible, however, since the price was probably set by him. (Guide: How to reserve your desired license plate!)

Almost 17 million euros for two pieces of old sheet metal

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There are of course a thousand New York license plates with New York embossing in every souvenir shop on the Big Apple. However, only the copies of this Volvo are street legal. Whether that is the equivalent of 16,772,700 euros worth, of course, everyone has to decide for themselves. (Volvo V90 B6 R-Design at carwow.de with savings of up to 14,664 euros!) After all, the seller generously bears the costs of rewriting it to his own car. There is also the risk of having to prove at every traffic control that the signs are approved for free. The price is of course also included in the price Volvo, to which the website however no details makes. Motorization, mileage and year of construction are unknown. The condition seems to be more than poor, as leaning headlight wipers and the missing protective grille in the front right show. Well-kept specimens can be found here: Used Volvo V70 with warranty!

Photos: blog.dupontregistry.com