Which startups have the best logos

What makes a good startup logo?

Is there a “best startup logo 2018”? Difficult, because what exactly makes a really good startup logo? Our favorite quote:

“Design is the combination of beauty and economic success” - Erik Schmid

In this blog article we have put together a few examples of what we think a successful startup logo can look like. Often the first few seconds when getting to know a brand decide whether it is perceived as exciting or boring. The logo, so to speak “the face” of a brand, plays a major role. In a general post on logo design “What does a logo cost?”, We have put together for you what needs to be considered in the area of ​​design, color and price. Companies that communicate their own visual language securely appear more convincing from the start and can sell more products or, in the case of Twitch and Youtube channels, get more viewers and subscribers.

The best startup logos 2018

So how can young companies orientate themselves when they want to start a new brand? We have put together some logos that we think are particularly successful. Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know in a comment!


A good logo usually has a good history. Storytelling is everything, especially when it comes to imagery. The Airbnb logo is made up of People (guests and hosts), Places (vacation spots) and Love (hospitality). So if you are pondering what your logo might look like at your desk over a white sheet of paper: Just record what really characterizes the business / business model. Two to five interesting motifs could arise from your own core topics, if possible even unique selling points. Your own logo can be compiled from these graphics.


© Dropbox branding

Let's say whether Dropbox is still a startup; rather questionable. The logo is still pure sugar in 2018. The graphic explains quickly and easily what it is about: A box to store things that you can unpack later or at another location. Dropbox was one of the first real cloud applications that was really easy to use, free and trustworthy. A digital product with real added value, to put it simply: our hearts open.


Logo: "Freddie" © Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a program for sending newsletters, i.e. email marketing. The logo, a chimpanzee (Eng .: Chimpanzee) called Freddie, has developed over several stages. Initially, the monkey was drawn as a postman with a shoulder bag and used as a logo. The logo developed over several stages within a few years until only the friendly, laughing Freddie remained in profile. The marketing and design department of Mailchimp proves not only with the logo, but also with the entire UX that they are absolutely capable of emotional marketing. The highlight: Anyone who completes a campaign gets a high five from Freddie!


© skinnovation.at

Skinnovation.at is a startup event in Innsbruck, Austria. A few years ago this event was super small, and only a few startup and snow freaks met for networking, boarding and skiing. In the meantime the skinnovation has become a real scene event. Interesting keynotes, pitches and relaxed networking take place at lunchtime in the hut and in the evening in the valley. For us, the logo expresses exactly this development: Badass, fun and innovation on skis - great success story, wonderful logo.


© Delayon Munich

If you see the DELAYON lion, you will quickly notice: professionals were at work here. The startup from Munich actually creates sunglasses, ski goggles and shirts / hoodies, but according to some information they gave themselves almost as much time for their logo as they did for the products themselves. Although the first few months when the startup was founded are definitely one of the most stressful times , the team has put a lot of time and passion into this graphic. The right decision, because the sophisticated design speaks for itself. It was worked out with extreme attention to detail and thus says exactly what should be associated with the products from the customer's point of view.

#funfact: The sublime DELAYON lion has been the wallpaper of our author Leo for years.

On a personal note ...

In terms of content, we can well imagine that the trends towards more individualization and otherness in the imagery of brands from 2017 will continue in 2018 and 19. Brand communication becomes more personal, more complex and often relies on unconventional images. Current discussions from mainstream and social media will have an impact on how brands communicate in 2018. An example: People from the LGTB community are becoming more prominent than ever before, a step towards diversity and tolerance that was necessary for a long time and is now finally being taken more intensively. The traditional and dusty image of a man at work and a woman behind the stove, which some people from yesterday in Germany are still indulging in, is now finally obsolete.

For the best startup logos, it's not about doing everything like everyone else, but about being unconventional and unique. Companies should think about adapting their presence in the various networks and rooms accordingly. Cinemagraphs and logo stings could help grab the attention of potential customers on social media.

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In your opinion, the best startup logos weren't included? Complain immediately in the comment column below this post and post your favorite logo!