What do you want in this life

Why life doesn't give you what you want

Often we do what others want. We orient ourselves to the needs of others and forget our own wishes and needs. This leads to dissatisfaction after a while. But sometimes we also start to blame other people, even though it is our own fault. Because we decide to give up our wishes and with that we give up on ourselves.

Then our carousel of thought begins with all the things that we do not want. Because if we don't know what we want, life gives us what we don't want in order to show us what we want.

What do you want? It's all about you and not what your partner, family or friends want.

The universe gives you what you don't want until you know what you want.

We send our thoughts out and then get what we don't want. At least that's how it works for most of us.

"I don't always want to work overtime."

"I don't always want to be cheated."

"I don't want to be taken advantage of."

"I don't want to get up so early."

"I don't want to be treated disrespectfully."

These are all things that we don't want. But the universe overhears the "Not“And then gives you exactly what you don't want.

"I don't always want to work overtime" becomes "I always want to work overtime."

And so we get exactly what we don't want. But it's just because we don't know what to create with our thoughts.

Personally, I don't think it's that bad, because it clearly shows us what we really want.

But it may also be that we still need a few more challenges in order to grow and become the person we want to be. When life doesn't go the way we want it to, we can learn a lot. When people don't treat us the way we would like to be treated, we need to work on our self-worth.

Personally, I believe the most important point is to control one's mind. Imagine that you are sitting in a restaurant with the menu in front of you. Do you order food and drink that you don't like? Certainly not!

On the other hand, you don't go into the restaurant and tell the waitress that you want something to eat. Then you are served food that you may not like and then complain that it was not good.

It works the same with the universe. It is waiting for your orders. Specific orders. Everything else is difficult to deliver. So you have to know what you want.

If you want to make more money, then be specific and order the amount you would like to have in your account every month. If you want a better job, imagine exactly what you want to do and how it makes you feel.

Don't just order a loyal partner or a romantic relationship. If you want someone by your side who is vegan, happy, rich, interesting and who makes you laugh every day, then order exactly that too.

Order, see if you like it, digest it and decide for yourself whether you will order something different next time or whether you like it. You don't have to be a perfectionist for it, otherwise you will change your mind a hundred times during your order. This only creates confusion and not the result you want.

So be aware of what you want right now and order it. Stick with it until you receive your order.

At a certain point I started to write a list of values ​​and properties that are important to me. Important points that I would like to have in my life. In myself as well as in other people who have accompanied me through my life.

A few examples from my list, which I won't go into in depth here:

-I can choose where I live
-I'm independent
-my work fulfills me
-I have passive income
-I have a partner by my side who also wants to live freely and shares the same values ​​with me

I still fall into old patterns every now and then and then I'm reminded again and again of what is important to me and how I bring it into my life.

What I have also realized for myself and which I consider to be very important is the point that we are worth it. As long as something is anchored in the subconscious that tells you that you do not deserve something or that you are not worth it, then nothing will change in your life.

It is time to realize how valuable you are and how wonderful and unique you are. Because you decide how much self-worth you give yourself.

You are the most important person in your life.

If you are not happy and you are not fulfilling your needs, then neither can you do it for others. Take the freedom to determine your life yourself! And always be aware that your thoughts have a huge impact on your life.