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Crimes Against Humanity in Xinjiang

Crimes Against Humanity in Xinjiang

Crimes against humanity, - (n.) - the dire crime of a state or an organization against a large group of people, e.g. B. Murder or Torture

to blame someone - say that someone did something bad

Human right, -e (n.) - the rights that all people in the world should have

nationwide - here: everywhere

Torture (f., Singular only) - the fact that one inflicts severe pain on a prisoner

Imprisonment, -en (f.) - the capture of people; the arrest

Withdrawal - the fact that something / someone does not get something

Persecution, -en (f.) - here: the very bad treatment of people mostly for political or religious reasons

Disappearance (n., Singular only) - here: the kidnapping; the kidnapping

Forced labor (f., Singular only) - the punishment that requires prisoners to work hard

Surveillance, -en (f.) - watching someone; control (verb: to supervise someone)

Formulation, -en (f.) - the way in which one says or writes something; the words that are used for a sentence

Deradicalization, -en (f.) - the process by which a person thinks less extreme

horrible - brutal; dreadful

obscure something - to hide something

Option, -en (f.) - the possibility

Law enforcement agency, -n (f.) - the agency that investigates crimes

Investigation, -en (f.) - here: the investigation into crimes

World law principle (n., Singular only) - the idea that certain crimes can also be tried in other countries