Who was the youngest person to die?

"Nobody is safe from the virus" : 16-year-old student is Europe's youngest corona death

As the French daily newspaper "Le Parisien" reports, a schoolgirl died in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in Necker Children's Hospital in Paris. The 16-year-old had no previous illnesses, as the newspaper's parents confirmed. who died of Covid-19 lung disease.

The girl had seen a doctor for the first time on Sunday before because of a strong cough. As the sister of the dead told the newspaper, the illness accelerated "violently" before her death. She also said her sister's death clearly shows that we "need to stop thinking that this only affects the elderly." Nobody is safe from the virus.

Background about the coronavirus:

On the French news platform "The Local", France's General Director for Health, Jérome Salomon was quoted. The girl's death is "tragic", but such severe cases of COVID-19 in young people are "extremely rare". You must have gotten a particularly aggressive variant of the coronavirus, said Salomon - however, as far as is known so far, there is no scientific evidence that such particularly aggressive rare virus variants exist.

In France, which has the fifth highest death rate with almost 2,000 deaths, the curfew was extended on Friday for a further two weeks until April 15. The country is still "at the beginning of the epidemic wave," said Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. (Tsp)

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