Why do Pringles come in a can

What trash do Pringles cans go in? How are they properly separated? Explanation

Pringles cans are made from four different materials: foil, cardboard, plastic and metal. For optimal recycling, each material should be disposed of separately. The cardboard goes in the paper bin. It is best separated from the metal base with a sharp knife. The foil and the plastic lid go into the yellow bin or the yellow sack. The metal floor can be disposed of with hazardous waste. From a legal point of view, Pringles cans can also be thrown into the yellow bin in one piece in Germany. Because in this country Pringles cans count as packaging waste and therefore belong in the yellow bin or in the yellow sack. This applies to all clean household items that are made of at least 50 percent plastic or metal. However, batteries or electrical devices are not included - these belong in the hazardous waste.

What garbage do Pringle's cans go in? How are they properly separated? Declaration, waste separation

Pringles cans have the "Green Dot". This says that it is a packaging for the yellow bin or the yellow sack. Products with the Green Dot are collected, sorted and disposed of throughout Germany by the Dual System Deutschland (DSD). Pringles cans can therefore be thrown away in one piece, but should be cut up beforehand. On the one hand, this saves space in the bin. On the other hand, the metal base can be removed at the same time, which can be disposed of separately.

Large cans of Pringles, such as those offered for special promotions, sometimes do not fit into the yellow sack. They should be folded before disposal so that the bin can be closed. A yellow bin that is not tightly closed may not be taken away by the waste disposal company.

Correct waste separation: Dispose of cans clean and folded

Packaging waste for the yellow bin should be cleaned before disposal. The garbage must later be separated and the individual components brought to the final disposal points. It is a matter of completely emptying Pringles cans and throwing them into the appropriate bin. However, it is not necessary to rinse out the cans as long as they are not otherwise soiled.

Pringles cans should also be folded up prior to disposal. This saves space and prevents other rubbish from ending up in the empty can. Commercially available cans can be folded up by hand, with the following rule: the more compact, the better. When folded in this way, several Pringles cans can be nested and disposed of in a particularly space-saving manner. However, the legal situation makes no difference between folded and originally preserved cans. It is only important that every Pringles can is thrown into the yellow bin or the yellow sack.

Properly dispose of Pringles cans on the go

Cans of the popular chip brand belong in the trash can even when you're out and about. They can be thrown into normal rubbish bins. Just like the yellow bin, these are emptied, the contents separated and disposed of separately. It is therefore easy to dispose of Pringles cans in the garbage can on the motorway parking lot or next to the gas station. All you have to do is ensure that the cans are clean and empty, otherwise recycling will be unnecessarily difficult. They should also be folded up and, if possible, broken down into their individual components. Separate disposal of the plastic lid, metal base, foil and cardboard box makes it much easier to separate them later. Depending on the size of the yellow bin, the individual components can be thrown into smaller plastic bags and disposed of together in the yellow bin. This also simplifies the further processing of household waste.

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