Why are fast food customers so rude

Study: These fast food chains treat their customers badly

Eating in a jiffy, low prices - that often comes at the expense of service. Disgusting staff, tables that have not been cleared and dirty toilets spoil a visit to restaurants in some fast food chains.

The German Institute for Service Quality has now taken a close look at the ten largest fast-food restaurant chains. Test customers visited ten branches each of McDonald's, Burger King and Co. in at least five different cities. In a total of 100 tests, they paid attention to the design, cleanliness and maintenance of the premises, assessed the product range as well as the competence and friendliness of the employees. The speed of operation and additional services - such as changing table and beverage refill service - were also taken into account in the analysis.

The results are sometimes hair-raising, especially when it comes to the staff: When it comes to the friendliness and competence of the employees, only three of the ten companies tested achieved the grade "satisfactory", the rest were rated "sufficient". Example: Not even a quarter of them Test customers who asked about certain ingredients of products because of an allergy, for example, received a satisfactory answer.

Hardly any employee was able to answer questions. "There was also little professional response to food complaints and complaints about the cleanliness of the restaurant," says Bianca Möller, Managing Director of the Institute for Service Quality. "Only Subway and Kentucky Fried Chicken replaced all the products complained about with new ones." Complaints, on the other hand, the test customers were dissatisfied with the reaction of the employees. "In 17 percent of the cases, the complaint was even received unfriendly or ignored."

According to the market researchers, the motivation of employees is also a major weak point. The test customers did not experience noticeably motivated staff not even in half of the branch visits. In more than a third, the employees even looked downright bored. This is also reflected in the condition of the fast-service restaurants: In 41 percent of the test cases, the cleanliness of the dining rooms left a lot to be desired, and the toilets were only rated as clean in half of the restaurants.

The test winner of the study is Kentucky Fried Chicken. The fast food chain was the only company to achieve an overall rating of “good” for its service. The branches scored with a good quality of the environment, speedy service, extensive additional services and the friendliest and most helpful employees compared to the competition. The RestaurantCafé in the Karstadt department stores came in second. The strengths here were the best product range and the most attractive and pleasant restaurant environment. Third place went to McDonald's. The other places: IKEA, Dinea (Galeria-Kaufhof), wooden spoons, North Sea, Subway, Burger King and grill pan (Real markets).