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  1. G

    Dungeons & Dragons Rhineland-Palatinate Online I'm looking for you: nice online group with fun at the game

    Hello my dears! I (38, m, soon to be married, dog, cat, chickens, house) console myself through the lockdown on youtube. Of course, Matt Mercer and his friends help me make ends meet, but I'm getting increasingly ... desperate? My live group hasn't met for over a year ...
  2. R.

    Dungeons & Dragons Online Relative newbie seeks young online group

    Hey, I started playing DnD with friends some time ago, but unfortunately the others don't have that much time (once every two months). However, I had a lot of fun playing and that is why I would like to play a little more, preferably with people my age
  3. H

    Dungeons & Dragons Online D&D 5e: Beginner seeks online group for regular play

    Good evening! i am looking for a group for regular gaming on the internet. Have little experience yourself and will certainly need a few refresher on the rules from time to time. Since I've already played a 5th edition of D&D with my friends, that would be for me ...
  4. C.

    Dungeons & Dragons Online Player seeks online D&D 5th group

    Hey dear ones, I, Christian, am looking for an online group for D&D 5e. Group - No matter whether newbies or experienced players (don't have every rule in mind: P) - It doesn't matter whether the group already exists or is newly thrown together - DM should do this at least once ...
  5. R.

    Dungeons & Dragons Online Search 5th online group / player / DM for group building

    EDIT: DM was found! Meanwhile, looking for 2 players for Sunday rounds, 2-3 times a month. It is played on Fantasy Grounds (Unity) (free) and via Discord / Ts3. Beginners welcome and welcome, we will play official campaigns. Greetings fighters, magicians and ...
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  6. A.

    Dungeons & Dragons Online Find an online DnD group that would accept a newbie

    Hello everyone, briefly to me: I'm 26 and I love to spend my free time with all kinds of games. I haven't tried DnD yet, but I've played Monster of the Week before, so I have a bit of experience. Am relatively social and easy to get along with, for me ...
  7. T

    Dungeons & Dragons Online search for players and DM for a new campaign (DnD 5e)

    Hi everyone, my name is Tim, I'm 22 and I come from near Düsseldorf. Unfortunately, my current group rarely meets because we have now spread out a little all over Germany. Therefore I am now looking for a couple of nice teammates as well as a DM or a ...
    • TimC98
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  8. Dungeons & Dragons Online Search Online Group (D&D 5e)

    Hey guys :), I'm looking for an online group as a player. I have been an extreme DnD fan for 1 year, both on and offline and have sat both in front of and behind the DM screen. However, since I haven't been a player for a relatively long time, I would be very happy ...
    • Hatschu
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  9. Dungeons & Dragons Schleswig-Holstein Group wanted!

    Hello! I'm looking for a group to play with. I'm relatively new to DnD, but have played one or two rounds. I would be happy if someone answers me! LG, Lenz
  10. Dungeons & Dragons Online Two players are looking for an active group for D&D 5e

    Hello you, My girlfriend and I are currently in a semi-active D&D 5e group and are looking to broaden our horizon for an active P&P group. With the system, we would like to stay in D&D 5e. We are 29 and 32 years old and come from the Bielefeld area. Our RPG experience ...
  11. Dungeons & Dragons Online Player is looking for a nice 5th group

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking for a new group for DnD 5e and thought that I might find something here ^^ I also run a few campaigns in which I act as a DM, so I thought that I would have a round as a Gamer would do well :) i'm a funny ...
  12. K

    Dungeons & Dragons Online D&D 5E campaign is looking for players (0/2) online

    We would like to start a new D&D campaign and are still looking for 1-2 players. Role play / fight / discovery should keep about the balance - in the foreground should be the ongoing story, the development of the characters and the game world as well as a ...
    • Katti
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  13. S.

    Dungeons & Dragons North Rhine-Westphalia 2x players are looking for new adventures (online)

    Hello everyone dear community, my girlfriend and I are currently looking for new DnD 5e rounds (fantasy setting preferred). One shots are preferred, otherwise also campaigns. In terms of time, we are usually very flexible, especially in the evening, Discord and Skype are available ...
  14. C.

    Dungeons & Dragons Online player is looking for D&D5e group

    Hello everyone, during the last few days a campaign in which I was involved has been abruptly interrupted. Now I'm looking for a new home as a D & D5e player. In particular, Tomb of Annihilation would appeal to me, but any game (including homebrew) would be suitable. -> I'm looking for ...
  15. Dungeons & Dragons Online two experienced players are looking for a game master and other players for an online round

    Hello everyone ^ - ^ We two players, with 4-6 years of gaming experience, who are looking for a game master for an online round. In this round we would like to play one of our two sibling concepts, so the opportunity for role play would be nice. Of course there would also be 2-3 ...
  16. Dungeons & Dragons Online Search DM and three to four other players for campaign?

    Hello, Since I recently wanted to see DM'e and the other side of the table (and especially to suppress my boredom) I am looking for a DM and a group of players who have time during the week or Saturday. Sunday would be bad because I already ...
  17. Dungeons & Dragons Online Weekly DnD Group Wanted (Monday-Thursday / Saturday)

    I am a friendly and rather calm young man. I'm looking for an online group for DnD because I enjoy the game and have too much time on weekdays and Saturdays. I can play Monday - Thursday and Saturday at any time except Thursday evenings
    • Gramnak
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  18. J

    Dungeons & Dragons Search group to play DnD 5e

    Hello, I'm currently in a campaign as a Dragonborn Paladin and would like to start a new one. Since I have little experience, I am not yet ready to lead, so I would love to do it as a player. If there are people here who would like to start a campaign via Discord or TS ...
  19. Dungeons & Dragons Online Newcomer is looking for online group for D&D 5e

    Hello forum, I am looking for an online group for Dungeons & Dragons 5e. I have already made a few experiences with DSA and The Song of Ice and Fire and now I would like to dedicate myself to the great mother of all of this. Roll20, Discord, Teamspeak 3 and Tabletop Simulator are ...
    • Chali
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    • dnd 5eon-linednd5.eplayerseeksgroup
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  20. G

    Dungeons & Dragons Online 2 players are looking for an online group that meets on Thursdays and, if necessary, on Tuesdays

    Is there an online round that is still looking for 2 players? The meeting would preferably be Thursday evening (at the earliest 6 p.m., at the latest by 10/23 p.m.). Tuesday would also work. I've been playing for about a year myself and my buddy has PnP experience, but not DnD (he works ...
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