Shouldn't guns be banned in the US

Gun laws in the USA: US President calls for stricter gun laws - and acts himself

US President Joe Biden has announced stricter rules for the possession of firearms, which he wants to enforce by decree. The aim is in particular to curb the spread of self-assembled firearms, he said in the rose garden of the White House in Washington. In addition, a registration requirement should be introduced for certain supports with which handguns such as rifles can be used. Biden called on the states and Congress to enact stricter laws. In particular, the US arms manufacturers should no longer be protected from lawsuits, he demanded. The president also announced an annual police report on arms trafficking in the United States.

"Gun violence in this country is an epidemic," said Biden. It is also a cause for shame for the United States at the international level. "It is long overdue for us to act."

The so-called ghost weapons ("ghost guns ") are easy to buy on the internet and can be assembled quickly, but most importantly, they don't have a serial number - making it difficult to prosecute in the event of a crime. They are an increasing problem for the security forces, it said from the White House.

Biden now instructed the Justice Department to submit a regulation within 30 days to curb its spread. Among other things, the ministry is to develop model legislation for federal states, according to which courts can temporarily withdraw their weapons from certain persons if they pose a danger to themselves or to others. Such laws already exist in several states. Biden's government, however, wants this across the board and wants to make it easier for states to get there through model legislation.

Biden also wants to make David Chipman head of the ATF supervisory authority, which, among other things, combats the illegal use and sale of firearms in the USA. Chipman was most recently an advisor to the Giffords Law Center, which advocates stricter gun laws.

"Enough with the prayers - it's time to act"

At the same time, the president called on Congress to adopt stricter gun laws. The Democrats in the House of Representatives had only recently made a new attempt to regulate by law that arms buyers would be more strictly controlled. The President again appealed to the Senate to pass these changes.

He also spoke out in favor of banning war weapons such as assault rifles. Nobody needs war weapons with 100 rounds of ammunition, he said. Expressions of condolences from members of Congress after fatal firearms attacks were not enough. "Enough with the prayers - it is time to act."

A few weeks ago, two serious attacks in the United States had once again caused horror. In and around the city of Atlanta, Georgia, an attacker shot eight people in three massage parlors in mid-March. A few days later, a shooter killed 10 people in a supermarket in the town of Boulder, Colorado.

There are regular fatal incidents in the United States involving firearms that are easy to buy there. In its latest statistics from 2018, the CDC recorded a total of 39,740 gun deaths in the United States - about 109 deaths per day. During the pandemic and social restrictions, fatal firearms had become somewhat less common. In view of the two serious attacks within a few days, observers complained about the return to a gloomy "normality" in the USA. Attorney General Merrick Garland described gun violence in the country as a "plague" and "ongoing tragedy". This year alone, around 11,000 people have been estimated to have been killed by firearms in the United States.

"This is an epidemic, Jesus Christ!

Various other fatal firearms have been used in the past few days. As recently as Wednesday, a shooter in the US state of South Carolina killed five people, including a doctor, his wife and two grandchildren.

Referring to this recent incident, Biden expressed general appalling at the high number of shootings and deaths. "This is an epidemic, Jesus Christ!" He said. "And it has to stop." The steps now presented are just a start. "We have a lot of work to do."

There are calls for stricter gun laws after every major incident in the USA - but mostly without any far-reaching success. Stricter reviews of gun owners and the ban on weapons of war have been discussed in the US for a long time, but have not yet found the necessary majorities in Congress. Many Republicans oppose tightening gun laws. The gun lobby is very powerful in the United States.

Countering this is not easy for Biden. A president's rulings have limited influence. Legislators would have to act for more far-reaching changes. The Democrats currently have a slim majority in both chambers of the US Congress, but would have to rely on Republican votes in the Senate. Even before his announcement, they again accused Biden of attacking the constitutional right to own guns.