Can you die of heart failure

Covid-19 Study: who is corona deadly for?

The first four Germans died after being infected with the new type of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. An urgent question for doctors and authorities therefore: Which groups are at a particularly high risk of falling seriously ill with the Covid-19 infection and possibly even dying from it?

How did Corona go in 191 patients from China?

Chinese doctors working with Zhou Fei have now analyzed the disease progression of 191 patients from two clinics in Wuhan for the medical journal "The Lancet", in whom the virus was detected in the laboratory and who were either discharged as cured or died on January 31st.

Among other things, they found that older people in particular are at risk with an increased SOFA value. SOFA stands for "Sepsis related organ failure assessment score". The value expresses how high the risk is for a patient of dying from organ failure in the event of disease-related blood poisoning. The SOFA-Score shows, among other things, the state of respiratory function, the cardiovascular system, blood clotting, kidney function, and the function of nerve tracts and the brain.

Corona or previous illnesses: what did the patients die of?

Gerd Fätkenheuer, head of infectology at Cologne University Hospital, does not consider the risk factors identified by his Chinese colleagues to be very meaningful. "Translated, they mean that older and seriously ill people have an increased risk of death - a message that is hardly surprising," said the doctor.