Should porn be banned

Porn and violence videos for cell phones are banned

(yes) On September 25, 2008, the National Council decided that commercial porn and violent videos on cell phones may no longer be offered, copied and redistributed. The reason given is the protection of minors, which is not guaranteed with relevant offers on the Internet. The existing provision on pornography in Article 197 (1) already provides for a total ban on exposing young people to pornography. According to Daniel Jositsch (SP), however, it has become impossible with modern telecommunications equipment to control the group of recipients to a reasonable extent. Accordingly, a total ban on cell phone pornography is inevitable. The same applies to depictions of violence, which are subject to the provisions of Article 135 of the Criminal Code, but which are nonetheless spread uncontrollably via the Internet and mobile phones. After the Council of States, the National Council has now also accepted a corresponding motion from Rolf Schweiger (FDP) and Norbert Hochreutener (CVP): The Schweiger motion against cell phone porn was with 103 to 52 votes and the Hochreutener against violent videos with 117 to 44 votes approved. The aim of the motions is to protect children and young people in their development. The Federal Council, which has spoken out against the bill, must now work out a corresponding bill. He was of the opinion that the existing legal provisions were sufficient. According to Federal Councilor Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, it is less a legislative problem than a law enforcement problem. The opponents of the bill argued that the bans were ineffective, as the young people would anyway obtain the violence and porn videos from non-commercial providers or even produce them themselves. The proponents of the template are now hoping for an educational and preventive effect, especially since the commercials for mobile phone porn are supposed to disappear on television.