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Bookmarks the other way: Chrome Bookmark Manager

There are many methods of finding the web pages that a user needs or simply likes to have at hand: Any user can handle bookmarks or bookmarks, and so each user has a constantly growing list of these "flags". Offers in the cloud such as Delicious try to offer an alternative that can also work across the systems. Google offers the Chrome Bookmark Manager for Chrome browsers in the web store, which not only (as before) synchronizes the bookmarks between the Chrome browsers on different systems, but can also come up with a new concept for managing bookmarks .

But first a warning: After installing this new bookmark management, which is also known under the name "Google Stars", the old bookmarks list is still available via the browser menu, but the basic management of the bookmarks is still available changed completely. In addition, the user will not find the new Bookmark Manager in the extensions menu after installation - if you want to uninstall it, you will not be able to avoid reinstalling the Chrome browser!

The stored links are displayed in a modern tile look and provide an overview of the folders created by the user on the left-hand side. Here the user will also find an automatically generated list with so-called "Auto Folders": Here the bookmark manager automatically groups the collected links under certain keywords. It does this by trying to group the bookmarked content with the same topic accordingly. The bookmark manager manages this classification quite well. Another plus of this new facility: The search within the collected bookmarks works well and brings some "lost pages" back to the desktop.

Conclusion: Anyone who can get used to the new tile surface and the changed structure of the bookmarks will find a very useful addition to the Chrome browser here. However, it remains incomprehensible to us why Google did not plan to uninstall it? this will keep many users from trying out and getting to know the Bookmark Manager.