What is a good content life



"Comparing is the end of happiness and the beginning of dissatisfaction!"

Your life doesn't get better just because you admire or even envy someone else's!

No, in general your life will not get better if you only complain and complain and envy and are dissatisfied. Use your energy to watch other people live instead of concentrating them for you.

You have it in your hands.
Only you can change something.
Only you have the power to shape your life the way you like it.
To do better.

You cannot be satisfied or even become satisfied if you look left and right, constantly comparing yourself and perhaps even feeling resentment. You can be inspired. Let you guide. Pull along. But for that you need the will and above all the insight. Because insight is what sets this process in motion. Without insight, no change. And of course, insight hurts (often). Sweeping in front of your own front door, see what construction sites are there, what deficits - that is not necessarily pleasant, but it is the first step towards a happier life. I deliberately do not write “happier” life. Everyone always talks about happiness. Happiness is hunted. That fits into the picture of today. It has to be perfect, hardly anyone makes compromises these days, one thinks that one moment of happiness has to chase the other. But that's not it, it just adds more pressure. Because happiness, however trite it may sound, is found in small things. It can be a good breakfast, the summer sun that flashes on the water and tickles the skin or a good coffee that you drink in peace. Or maybe it is something completely different - it is defined differently for each person. The only important thing is to stop chasing the “very good luck”, don't put yourself under pressure - it can't go well.

Personally, I know what it's like to be unhappy. I know how it feels when it gnaws at you all the time - that dissatisfaction that threatens to eat you up. That cold chunk in the stomach. Tense, tense. Always looking to the left or right. Always some (almost unattainable) goal in mind. What does X have, what does Y and why, why only Z ?! For years I've been chasing luck. But you can never win it for me. Anyway, I wasn't open to it at all! Just like when you haven't understood it, when you define it so wrongly - as I did for a long time.

This feeling of dissatisfaction was then expressed in everyday life. I could be happy for others, but often not, or when I did, I found myself thinking quietly and secretly how much I would like to experience, do or even feel this or that.

"If you are dissatisfied, change your life or your attitude!"

And then there were a few key moments, one thing led to another and I suddenly knew very clearly - only I have it in my hand. I am the problem myself. So only I can tackle it and change it. It's up to me. Nobody is to blame for my dissatisfaction. Nobody can do anything about the fact that things are not going "smoothly" for me. Nobody lives my life but me. And so I began to take a new path that was initially sharp and rocky, that sometimes hurt - but that too is part of it and part of the process. So it came about that I got worried, detached myself from many things, especially emotionally. Out of relationships, friendships, distancing myself from certain people in general because I realized they weren't good for me. I opened up, tried new things, tried myself, tried again and again, and if something didn't work, yes, that's how it was - but I tried. At the same time, I trained myself to be content. It may sound strange, but that's how it was - I trained it like a muscle. Feel gratitude and really feel gratitude. Because that wasn't even possible for me before.

I was unhappy but couldn't admit it to myself. And so I tried to buy myself happiness. Twenty new clothes, five pairs of new shoes, a new handbag. More and more consumption. Always more. For that one spark of euphoria, that brief moment of happiness. When I got home, I put the bags in the closet - the brief exhilaration was gone and what remained was this dull feeling of self-deception.

I was so fixated on all the negatives in my life
that I couldn't even see the good.

Almost like blinkers that hide everything that is good, everything worth living. If everything is so cramped in oneself, then one is no longer receptive. It is actually a vicious circle, a spiral - only that it pulls down, not up. Today I live in the same spiral as then, it is still my life and I am still me, but today I am in the upper part of this (life) spiral. I've gained momentum. I no longer have the feeling that weights are dragging me down, dragging me down and ultimately choking me. Because that is the danger. Once you get stuck in this "hole", you are initially trapped in this hot water, then it takes work, a lot of work - to break away from it again.

Sometimes I look in the mirror
then i look at myself and i'm happy.

I don't have to force a smile. I like to live and I love life, it's a gift. Probably the most precious gift we have - because it is finite and actually quite short.

My way to a content life
- take the pressure off
and appreciate the little things

I've adjusted my expectations. I'm not trying to reach for the stars I do have dreams and desires, of course. But I've shed my doggedness. Instead, I adopted a method. When I really want something, with all my heart, I write it down. Very detailed. I'll put it on paper, with all the details, and hang this piece of paper somewhere I see it regularly. As a reminder, so to speak. Just the day before yesterday a dear reader wrote to me that she had five wishes and ordered these wishes in the universe. And yes, I think that's kind of not that absurd. I also believe in inexplicable power - in combination with willpower and mindset. As is well known, belief can move mountains. Full of commitment, hard work and positive thoughts.

When I look back, for a long time I only functioned, I didn't channel my powers properly, I neither believed in myself nor tried hard enough. Today I live consciously every day. Of course there are really bad days here too. Days that are just lousy, when I'm tired, broken and on some, I just want to pack my bag and forget about it. But that's just normal. Such days are also part of it, and you can have them too. It can't run smoothly. The only important thing is not to lose focus. Just because you're in a challenging phase of life doesn't mean everything is bad. Don't lose sight of the little happy moments. Because this little happiness in cans is always there, every day - no matter how stupid it may be sometimes. Do not lose faith. Not to you and your skills.

And especially:
Pat yourself on the shoulder.
Self-praise doesn't stink, no. When you do great
no matter in what form, then you can be proud of yourself
and acknowledge it.

Focus - only on you. Don't waste energy on others. Because the energy that you use to observe other people is missing in the end for your own "projects". Use all your strength for yourself and the good in you. Sometimes it also helps to break away from "energy vampires". People who do not give you anything, in any form, on any level - but who take and rob you of strength.

For me, a content life is the greatest happiness on earth.
The way was long. But what I got for it was definitely worth it.
You dare!

Part 1.
Part 2 will follow soon.

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