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Blank firing weapon for self-defense - what is allowed?

More and more people feel unsafe on Germany's streets and buy a blank gun for self-defense. By acquiring and carrying a alarm gun, people feel safer again and can react immediately in the event of danger. But what is allowed when using a blank gun for self-defense? You can find the answer in the following article.

Blank firing weapon for self-defense - rules and regulations

Alarm weapons are designed to give owners a feeling of strength and security, as well as to protect them from danger. However, there are a few rules that you should take into account when purchasing and using a blank gun if you want to use this weapon for self-defense.

Acquiring alarm guns - you need to know that

Do you live in an unsafe area or do you often walk alone through dark parks at night? Then a blank gun can be a good option for your self-defense. Even those who want to protect themselves from aggressive animals will feel much safer with a blank gun. However, you must be at least 18 years old to acquire and own a blank gun. If you are under the age of 18, you are not allowed to buy or own this weapon. If you use the alarm gun anyway, for reasons of self-defense, you are making yourself liable to prosecution - even if you yourself have been the victim of a crime.

If you are of legal age - i.e. 18 years or older - you are allowed to purchase a alarm gun but only use this weapon on your property or in your apartment. If you want to carry the alarm gun with you for self-defense on your way home at night, you need the small gun license. Without the small gun license you are not allowed to carry the alarm gun with you in public. This means that if you do not have a small gun license and fire the alarm gun in public in an emergency, you are committing a criminal offense. We therefore strongly recommend that you apply for the small gun license for your alarm gun so that you do not face any criminal consequences.

Alarm gun in your own apartment for self-defense

You hear strange noises in your apartment at night and want to get to the bottom of the matter. To be on the safe side, take your loaded alarm gun with you and surprise a burglar in the living room. By firing a shot from your gun, you scare the burglar and he escapes from the apartment. Should this act occur - which of course we do not want anyone else - your act was completely legitimate and you would not have to fear any criminal consequences.
Important: If you are not in possession of the small gun license and have used your alarm gun for self-defense in your own apartment, you will not face any legal consequences either, because you do not need a small gun license in your own four walls.

Blank firing weapon for self-defense - you have to pay attention to that

Before you use your alarm gun for self-defense, you should always pay attention to these important points, because firing a shot from your pistol or revolver always has consequences - either for the attacker or for you:

Assess the dangerous situation correctly. Is the attacker chasing me or just happened to be on the same path as you? Act prudently and assess the current risk situation objectively

Only act when you are attacked. Only use the alarm gun in an absolute emergency. If your home is broken into, just fire one shot and don't go in pursuit

You should always notify the police immediately after firing a shot. As soon as you have used your alarm gun, you should always notify the police immediately. Because a shot from your weapon cannot be distinguished from a real shot from a live weapon for a third party and may trigger a police operation. When the police come up to you, put the gun on the ground.

Do not point the alarm gun at the attacker at close range. Should you ever use the alarm gun, you must not use it from close range, less than 1 meter , point at the attacker, because you may injure the attacker as seriously as possible. When using the blank gun, fire a shot in the air.

Often it is enough to just signal the attacker that you are carrying a blank gun. Since many alarm guns look like sharp weapons, the attackers will not see the difference and will not attack you.

Blank firing weapon for self-defense - an overview

Acquisition and possession of a alarm gun under the age of 18No. Criminal law consequences threaten
Acquisition and possession of a alarm gun from the age of 18Yes, but only owning your own apartment / business / property
Carrying a loaded alarm gun in publicOnly allowed with the small gun license
Multiple firing of the alarm gun from close range at the attackerNo, because of disproportionate use.
Sale of the alarm gunYes, but only to people of legal age

More security with a blank gun

With a blank gun you ensure more safety when you are out alone in the evening or at night. You can also protect yourself effectively against attacks by aggressive dogs with a blank gun. But if you want to acquire a blank gun and carry it with you, you have to observe a few legal things, otherwise you might be liable to prosecution. Only use your alarm gun in absolute emergency situations and act carefully. Even if the alarm gun does not fire live ammunition, the gun can cause serious injuries to the attacker. PS: You can find the right alarm gun for self-defense including the appropriate PAK or RK ammunition at AIRWEAPON.