How can I hire people in Canada

Canada is not just a dream destination for expats because of its nature.

To Canada only with work and permit


Probably the most important thing when you emigrate to Canada is your job. Because if you want to live in North America for the long term, you need more than a travel visa and a temporary work permit.

Traveling to Canada is one thing - living there permanently is quite another. In order not to struggle with difficulties from the start of emigration, a signed employment contract is a must-have. This ensures income and increases the chances of obtaining a permanent residence permit. Professions in long-term demand can mostly be found in all construction and craft trades. But IT specialists, doctors and truck drivers are also being sought again and again.

Get started with the work permit

Without a permanent residence permit, foreigners are only allowed to stay in Canada with a vacation, study or work visa. The work visa is valid for four years. As soon as you have an employment contract, you should apply for the work permit. There are a few steps to take:

First of all, you need a job offer, but it is not that easy to get from Germany. Hiring is usually made at short notice - a spontaneous trip to the interview is usually difficult.

You can remove a few obstacles from the way, for example by submitting application documents according to Canadian standards and proof of your language skills. When applying, be sure to match your qualifications to the Canadian job market. Not everything that is important and interesting in Germany inspires Canadian employers. Especially in smaller companies, it is crucial to fit into the corporate culture. If you have a good command of the national language English or French and prepare yourself as well as possible, you can collect sympathy points when you conduct an interview, for example on the phone.

Requirements for employees from abroad

If you have finally found an employer in Canada, they have to obtain a Labor Market Report (LMIA). If no Canadian citizen can be found for this job, the applicant has a positive impact on the economy and the costs for the work permit have been paid, the future employee receives a "letter of authorization" and can travel to Canada. The work permit itself is only issued at the border.

To keep in mind: If you lose your job, you also risk losing your work permit or residence permit. If you come to Canada alone, you may be able to live with it. But if the whole family comes with you, the children go to a new school, a new house has been built and you want to build a long-term existence, the risk is much greater. No wonder that many are trying to get a permanent residence permit that is valid indefinitely.

Entry without an employment contract

Of course there is another way. If you want to go to Canada without a job offer, you should take a look at the "Express Entry for Skilled Immigrants Test". Positive news: The number of points required in the aptitude test has been falling for years; most recently, 460 out of a total of 1200 points were required to pass. Canada is therefore very open to immigrants. It should be noted that this test is tied to certain requirements. These include age, language skills and professional qualifications. Canada is primarily looking for experienced skilled workers - if you don't have the skills you want, you are unlikely to get a permit based on good test scores alone.

The test comes in three categories: for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program or the Canadian Experience Class. There are different requirements, for example whether you have already worked in Canada or how much experience you have in your field. The exact specifications are available on the website of the Canadian government. Those who pass the free test can apply for a permanent residence permit. The government selects the best and most suitable applicants. So a little luck is also part of it.

Start yourself

If you are not looking for a permanent job and instead want to start your own business in Canada with a business idea, you have the option of applying for a start-up visa. In addition to a five-digit sum of private wealth for yourself and your own family, language tests must also be passed successfully. The most important requirement for a start-up visa, however, is financial support from certain business angels and investors. There is a list of eligible organizations that you need to get involved in your cause. A start-up visa can only be applied for with their "letter of support". With the visa you also receive permanent residence status.

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