How can I approach my crush

Oh, being in love can be really great! Do you have a crush on someone who doesn't know about it yet? Then you should take a closer look at our instructions. We'll tell you how you can get closer to your secret crush very easily, step by step.

1. Spend time with him

Of course, you can't adore your crush from afar all the time. Therefore, you should try to hang out with him first. Make friends or spend time with several friends. This will get you to know your crush better and see if your feelings are real.

2. Make little hints!

To help your crush get a sense of your interest, try talking to them. Exchange ideas about your hobbies, your families and friends. If you're nervous the moment your crush shows up, you can stick to eye contact and fleeting touches. Even if that may take you to overcome it at the beginning, you should not hesitate - these little hints can help you more than you think! It gives your crush a sense that you want more than friendship.

3. Give yourself courage!

Of course, confessing your love to someone carries some risks. Of course, your crush may not be able to reciprocate your feelings - but that shouldn't be your first thought! First, encourage yourself, try to approach the situation with confidence and play in your head how you would feel if you continued to say nothing. Not much better, is it? It's always worth taking a risk - and no matter how it turns out, you'll grow with it. And who knows, maybe he's just like you, only that you were much braver than him!