Is Wuhan a good city for backpacking

Asia's longest river: China's mega-waterway, the Yangtze River

Called the “long river”, the Chinese Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia with its 6380 km. It divides the northern and southern parts of the giant state. In the meantime, tourism has also gained a foothold in its most beautiful sections.

From the Tibetan spring to the mouth of the port in Shanghai

Although it is the third largest river in the world, the Yangtze only crosses one country from west to east: the People's Republic of China. It rises in the northeastern highlands of Tibet. From there it crosses the province of Quinghai, the autonomous region of Tibet and subsequently six other Chinese provinces. Passing the metropolis of Chongqing, it finally flows into the East China Sea in Shanghai.

Industrialization leaves its mark

For the gigantic Three Gorges Dam, 13 cities, 1,500 villages, 497 ports and 4,000 hospitals were flooded. At the same time, forests and lakes fell victim to the construction of settlements. The numerous industrial plants on the Yangtze cause considerable pollution. Some native animal species are already threatened with extinction, the river dolphin is considered extinct.

Tourist highlights between culture and high-tech

Along the Yangtze there are picturesque landscapes such as the famous "Three Gorges" and other impressive geological natural monuments. The cultural city of Wuhan and numerous culturally and historically significant sites on the banks of the Yangtze are also worth seeing. The 600 km long reservoir with its large power station and its five-stage lock is an overwhelming sight. Numerous tour operators offer river cruises on the Yangtze.

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