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About look into the book

Glance into the Book is a program that enables you to search and browse millions of book titles on

With the help of a look into the book, in addition to the author or title, the content of a book can also be taken into account in the Amazon product search. Imagine you have a gigantic bookstore with millions of searchable pages to browse through. We help our customers discover and flip through books to ensure they are happy with their purchase. Our agreements with publishers and authors determine how much of a book is available for preview. In order to increase the preview for each book, we are in constant discussions with the publishers.

If you are an author or publisher and would like your book title to participate in the Look Inside the Book program, please visit our Publishing and Producer Services page for more information.

Books that participate in Blick ins Buch can be accessed very easily from the Look into the book! Recognize the arrow attached to the book cover. On the product page of the book, the book cover is also marked with the Look into the book! Marked arrow. When you click on the book cover, a search box will appear, along with various links to help you discover the book.


  • Due to an agreement we have made with the publishers, some functions and book pages are only available if you are logged into your customer account and if at least one order has already been completed. If you do not want to log in or if you have not yet completed your order, you will still be shown a helpful selection of book preview pages.
  • There can be various reasons why the service is not available even after logging into your customer account:
    • If your first order is a current order, it could be that we have not yet dispatched it. This service requires a fully completed order and an order is incomplete until all items have been dispatched.
    • Digital media or purchases from our sales partners do not meet the requirements.
    • If you have already been a customer with us but have recently set up a new customer account, the information about your previous orders can be found in the old Amazon account.
  • We have created the images that you can see when looking into the book based on the book pages. Hence, they are pretty much the same as the actual book. However, the images you see have been optimized for viewing on a computer screen; printed pages usually offer much better resolution and quality.
  • In some cases pages or parts of pages are not displayed when looking in the book. This is done at the request of the publisher or for copyright reasons.
  • If both a paperback and a hardback of a book are available from us, usually only one of the books is shown and the result is used for both books because the text is identical. In this case it is indicated from which book the illustrations come.